Strictly Come Dancing 2017 Series 15 #SCD #Strictly Week 4 Thoughts and Bets

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No costumes and not so many props this week, but I thought the show was more entertaining than last Week's Movie themed show!


2017 Celebrities

  • Mollie King

  • Fourth Dance - Salsa to Súbeme La Radio by Enrique Iglesias
    Mollie did look nervous and I thought both she and the Band struggled with the timing all the way through the routine. I couldn't find fault with the lifts though, but I do feel that there is still something missing from this partnership. They need to fix that if they want to get to the latter stages, but no problem again this week.
    SCORE 27
    Elimination Betting 34
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  • Davood Ghadami

  • Fourth Dance - Viennese Waltz to Say You Love Me by Jessie Ware
    Not traditional, a bit more dramatic, but I liked it. They told a story and that can be difficult in a Viennese Waltz. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. The technique was good, both frame and footwork. Davood has improved this week, even though Craig was right to criticise the ‘lift'. They should have done more than enough to stay in once again.
    IN THE DANCE OFF - SAVED (see below) SCORE 29
    Elimination Betting 51
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  • Ruth Langsford

  • Fourth Dance - Tango to Allegretto by Bond
    Ruth has been struggling in this competition, but she didn't look as nervous tonight. Anton played a blinder with the choreography, which really suited Ruth. The routine had intensity and although it could have been sharper, it was so much better than previous weeks. Will they continue to pick up the votes?
    SCORE 24
    Elimination Betting 6.5
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  • Gemma Atkinson

  • Fourth Dance - Paso Doble to Viva La Vida by Coldplay
    The routine had attack and intensity and was a total performance for me. Gemma has improved so much from Week 1. It was sharp and her frame was good. I hadn't rated Gemma at all, but she's really catching the eye now. I'm looking forward to what they get next week.
    SCORE 35
    Elimination Betting 81
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  • Joe McFadden

  • Fourth Dance - Cha Cha to You Keep Me Hanging On by Human Nature
    I like these two, but I thought Joe really struggled tonight. There was too much ‘door' and not near enough hip action. The technique and footwork was poor despite the effort he put in. There was plenty of constructive criticism, but they should pick up enough votes to see them through.
    SCORE 24
    Elimination Betting 34
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  • Simon Rimmer

  • Fourth Dance - Samba to Copacabana by Barry Manilow
    I wasn't looking forward to this one and I found it quite awkward to watch. Simon tried his best and you have to give him credit for the effort, but oh dear! There were lots of mistakes and the timing was poor. They ended up joint bottom of the leader board and they will struggle to stay in unless they get the sympathy vote.
    SCORE 19
    Elimination Betting 2.2
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  • Aston Merrygold

  • Fourth Dance - Quickstep to Mr Blue Sky by ELO
    Boy was this quick, they really covered the floor. It was light and refreshing, but Aston's footwork wasn't perfect. The timing was spot on though and I'm sure they will take all the feedback on board for future dances. Flying through again!
    SCORE 32
    Elimination Betting 201
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  • Susan Calman

  • Fourth Dance - Quickstep to Bring Me Sunshine by The Jive Aces
    You always get fun with these two and tonight was no exception. It was a little skippy at times, but very entertaining. Susan gave it everything closing the show. Not technically perfect, her frame could have been better, but her best yet. Good enough to stay in another week at least.
    SCORE 30
    Elimination Betting 11
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  • Brian Conley

  • Fourth Dance - Paso Doble to I Believe in a Thing Called Love by The Darkness
    Intensity and power from Brian. He brought the character, but didn't quite get the shaping for the dance. It was entertaining and he has improved once again. We could easily see them back again next week.
    SCORE 21
    Elimination Betting 3.75
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  • Charlotte Hawkins

  • Fourth Dance - Jive to Marry You by Bruno Mars
    Charlotte is another who's been struggling and unfortunately the routine failed to hit the mark again. There were mistakes again and not enough intensity. She has the body, but isn't using it. The Judges were encouraging, but on the whole the performance was poor. Will they continue to pick up the votes as they jointly propped up the leader board?
    Elimination Betting 5
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  • Debbie McGee

  • Fourth Dance - Cha Cha to The Shoop Shoop Song (It's in His Kiss) by Cher
    They opened the show and Debbie looked a little nervous before her VT (which was truly awful). This wasn't Debbie's dance and that's a first. Her technique wasn't good at all, she was way too stiff. Her leg extensions are amazing though. Not as good as previous weeks, but not in danger.
    SCORE 27
    Elimination Betting 151
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  • Jonnie Peacock

  • Fourth Dance - American Smooth to Cry Me a River (Michael Bublé cover)
    They had a lot to follow and they did it quite well. I really liked it. It was dramatic and intense and the lifts were fantastic. Jonnie did better playing the character tonight and he's another that's improving. They should have no problems going onto next week.
    SCORE 31
    Elimination Betting 34
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  • Alexandra Burke

  • Fourth Dance - Jive to Proud Mary by Tina Turner
    Alexandra really looked the part as she channelled her inner Tina for this. It was fast, furious and fantastic. The energy and timing was perfect and she kept it up all the way through. The kicks and flicks were amazing and it rivalled Jill Halfpenny's, high praise indeed! They fully deserved the first 10's of the series. They were superb and topped the leader board by a mile!
    SCORE 39
    Elimination Betting 151
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The Dance Off

Wow, another shocker, I'm not sure anyone saw this one coming, certainly not Davood and Nadiya. They ended up under the red light first and once Charlotte was called second, she knew her fate. There was no way that she and Brendan were going to win the dance off. The Judges were rightly unanimous and sent Charlotte home. She wasn't the worst dancer in the competition, but she wasn't improving either. Next week will be interesting!

The dances the celebrities get are even more important next week. Simon, Brian and Ruth will be hoping it's something that suits or at least is well choreographed, while Mollie and Joe need improvement. Davood should pick up the shock votes to stay out of the bottom two and Susan will be striving to maintain her decent marks.
Simon's frame may just get him through next week if he has ballroom. I think Brian may go as he has the Jive, even though Ruth is bound to struggle with the Samba.

Current Betting to WIN

Aston Merrygold 3.25
Alexandra Burke 3.75
Debbie McGee 6
Gemma Atkinson 9
Joe McFadden 12
Mollie King 12
Davood Ghadami 15
Jonnie Peacock 15
Brian Conley 101
Charlotte Hawkins 101
Ruth Langsford 101
Simon Rimmer 101
Susan Calman 101

(With Paddy Power)


Some couples surprisingly struggled this week, but there were also plenty of improvers. The Judges were tougher than they have been, but there was plenty of constructive criticism. There was also the first 10's as Alexandra blew everyone away!

My three votes went to Alexandra, Gemma and Susan.


I really like Simon, but I can't see how he can stay in!

Who goes this week?

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