Strictly Come Dancing 2017 Series 15 #SCD #Strictly MOVIE WEEK Thoughts and Bets

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Movie Week brings all sorts of challenges with costumes, props and themes, but it sure was entertaining!


2017 Celebrities

  • Mollie King

  • Third Dance - American Smooth to Climb Every Mountain from The Sound of Music
    The routine had rise, fall and sway. It was graceful and elegant and Mollie did Julie Andrews proud. The lifts weren't spectacular enough for me, but this dance was so much better than last week. She will need to keep improving and they are going in the right direction.
    SCORE 30
    Elimination Betting 67
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  • Davood Ghadami

  • Third Dance - Samba to Stayin' Alive from Saturday Night Fever
    They closed the show with a superb routine. Davood was excellent as John Travolta, those hips! Maybe not enough Samba, but I thought it was pitched right for the entertainment value. Be honest though, Craig was so far off the mark with a 4, when all the other Judges gave 7's!
    SCORE 25
    Elimination Betting 34
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  • Ruth Langsford

  • Third Dance - Rumba to Diamonds Are Forever from James Bond (Diamonds Are Forever)
    A James Bond Theme and this dance is a difficult one for a woman of a certain age. It didn't feel as awkward as I thought it would, but the hip action and technique was poor. Ruth was nervous again, but this one's out of the way now and I can see them easing into next week.
    SCORE 15
    Elimination Betting 15
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  • Gemma Atkinson

  • Third Dance - Charleston to The Bare Necessities from The Jungle Book
    Gemma looked superb, but I did feel a little sorry for Aljaz in his Baloo costume. There was plenty of energy in the dance and she managed to keep it all the way through. She told the story, but once again, where was the swivel? These two are getting better week on week.
    SCORE 31
    Elimination Betting 34
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  • Rev. Richard Coles

  • Third Dance - Paso Doble to Flash's Theme from Flash Gordon
    Flash, Arghhhh! So funny and entertaining though, another triumph from Dianne. The way Richard dragged her on his back across the floor had me laughing out loud. He tried at the technicalities and failed, but it didn't matter. We'll be seeing them again next week despite being bottom of the leader board.
    SCORE 14
    Elimination Betting 3.5
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  • Joe McFadden

  • Third Dance - Viennese Waltz to Somewhere My Love from Doctor Zhivago
    They disappointed last week and not the best dance to get on Movie Week perhaps, but they performed it well enough. He told the story and was technically good. It's just not my favourite dance, not my cup of tea! Breezing through to next week!
    SCORE 32
    Elimination Betting 101
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  • Simon Rimmer

  • Third Dance - Quickstep to You've Got A Friend In Me from Toy Story
    Simon got to open the show as Buzz Lightyear, it's the stuff of dreams really! On times his frame was good, but the routine was pretty basic. There wasn't enough in hold for me, but he's lovely and I hope they get the support to send them into next week.
    IN THE DANCE OFF - SAVED (see below)
    SCORE 19
    Elimination Betting 6.5
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  • Aston Merrygold

  • Third Dance - Cha Cha to Can't Stop The Feeling from Trolls
    These two have set the bar very high and tonight they didn't disappoint. The technique was very good and Aston's rhythm and musicality shone through. The Judges loved it, as was reflected in their scores and they topped the leader board.
    SCORE 35
    Elimination Betting 101
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  • Susan Calman

  • Third Dance - Samba to Wonder Woman (Theme) from Wonder Woman
    I've been looking forward to this one all week and I wasn't disappointed. Wonder Woman, Susan Calman most definitely was! Not always the correct technique, but pure entertainment all the same. Absolutely brilliant!
    SCORE 20
    Elimination Betting 15
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  • Brian Conley

  • Third Dance - American Smooth to If I Only Had A Brain from The Wizard of Oz
    I love Brian and he was a fantastic scarecrow, character driven, entertaining and full of comedy. Great routine from Amy, even if the lifts were pretty basic. Good scores, but will they pick up enough votes to keep them in?
    SCORE 22
    Elimination Betting 2.62
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  • Charlotte Hawkins

  • Third Dance - Tango to Danger Zone from Top Gun
    Charlotte needed a performance after her disaster last week. Her technique was a little better, but it wasn't sharp enough and there were a few mistakes. I think Brendan got carried away being Tom Cruise and should have shut his mouth. Are they in danger or have they done enough to keep them in?
    SCORE 17
    Elimination Betting 5
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  • Debbie McGee

  • Third Dance - Quickstep to Let's Call The Whole Thing Off from Shall We Dance?
    There was a lot of energy required for this one and Debbie really kept up. They covered the floor with ease. She's a dancer, it showed, but there was a lot of constructive criticism for the future. She did a very nice Ginger Rogers and they should fly through to next week.
    SCORE 29
    Elimination Betting 81
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  • Jonnie Peacock

  • Third Dance - Paso Doble to The Raiders March from Indiana Jones
    There was drama in the dance and Jonnie wasn't put off by not getting the whip out early in the routine. His posture and shaping though were very poor. This is something he has to improve on. Good enough though to send them through to next week though.
    SCORE 26
    Elimination Betting 101
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  • Alexandra Burke

  • Third Dance - American Smooth to Wouldn't It Be Loverly from My Fair Lady
    Another amazing couple and I love the way that Alexandra takes everything on board. It was sweet and character driven and you can't knock her level of performances. Still no spectacular lifts though which left me a shade disappointed. Deservedly second favourite to win the competition!
    SCORE 33
    Elimination Betting 101
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The Dance Off

And so it was that the Reverend Richard who didn't have as much support as first thought. He ended up in the bottom two with Simon, who was probably unlucky to be there on last night's performances.

Once his name was called, Rev Richard knew his fate barring disaster, as he did finish bottom of the leader board and was a full 5 points behind Simon. The Judges were unanimous, which was always going to be the case and Flash Gordon left the show with Buzz Lightyear staying to fight another day!

Simon will be hoping for the bounce factor next week, while it will depend which dances Brian and Charlotte get. Susan's support is sure to continue for a few weeks yet, but will Ruth be dragged into the elimination dogfight?

Current Betting

Aston Merrygold 3.75
Alexandra Burke 4
Debbie McGee 5
Gemma Atkinson 10
Mollie King 11
Jonnie Peacock 12
Davood Ghadami 13
Joe McFadden 13
Brian Conley 101
Charlotte Hawkins 101
Richard Coles 101
Ruth Langsford 101
Simon Rimmer 101
Susan Calman 101

(With Paddy Power)


Saturday Night at the movies and there were so many performances I was looking forward to and they didn't disappoint. What a show!

There was a lot going on and a lot of improvement tonight, I thought.

My three votes went to those who I thought were the most entertaining on the night, which were Susan, Rev Rich & Davood.


This wasn't Ruth's dance which was obvious, but I think she will have enough to stay in. Brian (2.62), Simon (6.5) and I'm afraid that Charlotte (5) (paddy power) will be scratching for the votes this week. Will we get a second shock elimination with Charlotte going?

Who goes this week?

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