The VALUE CALCULATOR is a recently developed methodology which will hopefully assist punters to identify horse racing wagers which will secure consistent and sustainable profits in the long term.
The purpose of this blog is to provide readers with an index, with easily accessible links to all of the articles that have been posted in respect of the VALUE CALCULATOR.
The original article, which includes background information and the methodology for using the VALUE CALCULATOR can be accessed via the following link:
Introducing the VALUE CALCULATOR Since posting the original article back in early January 2017, further blogs have been written which relate to specific types of races, as follows:

UK Turf Flat Races

Group and Listed Races Handicap Races

UK All Weather Races

All Weather Flat Handicaps

UK National Hunt Races

Handicap Chases Handicap Hurdles As the VALUE CALCULATOR is very much a work in progress project, I will be adding additional articles on a regular basis, which will include updates on the above topics, plus new ideas for using the methodology as further analysis is completed.
I hope that readers have found these articles of interest.