Grand Prix

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Last Race So what do we make of Austria? Well personally i found it a little dull, I just felt who ever lead at the end of Lap 1 was likely to lead at the end of the race if breaking the DRS. The fact it was the most powerful engine on the start helped, and whether it was Lewis or Valteri they were not going to get caught.
Star Performer : Roman Grosjean - Team Hass
Its fairly simple for me, he drove well, probably beyond the expected performance of the car although hard to tell as Magnussen crashed out relatively early but I still think it was a notable step forward for Roman and well worth of a mention in an otherwise generally otherwise fairly dull race.
Dunce : Kimi Raikonnen :
Some may say I am being harsh here, but surely he is under delivering here, considering where he was starting to where he was finishing and pre-race with 4 places on Lewis and generally a faster car than the RedBull you might expect him to be on the 3rd step of the podium. Not sure what is quite wrong with Kimi but I think he needs to sort it out with murmorings coming out of the Italian team he is starting to come under pressure.
This Week : So will this be the last ever F1 race at Silverstone? As the money men forever tighten their grip on the sport and Silverstone and the BRDC not keen to further heighten costs for people to attend the GP, I do honestly fear for the future of the race. As I write this Sunday evening, I know that Silverstone has until Wednesday to activate a break clause in the contract and effectively terminate the contract. I desperately hope that is not the case. I genuinely think the UK is the home of F1, especially with so many teams based here in and around Silverstone and England.
*Update* So they have pulled the plug from 2019 as it stands! I still think there is scope for a deal to be struck but on better terms. They cynic in me has it down as a street race in London. The more I think about it there was a article released earlier in the year about potential for a London Formula 1 Street Circuit type race and I just wonder with the cars all on display in London on Wednesday if this is an opportunity for Liberty who are the new owners of F1 to try and perhaps keep a British Grand Prix but move it to somewhere that's even more revenue driven such as the Streets of London.

Blog Performance

Week 1 : Australia +5.25pt
Week 2 : China -0.25pts
Week 3 : Bahrain -5pts
Week 4 : Spain +4.66pts
Week 5 : Russia -1pts
Week 6 : Monaco 0pts - level stakes
Week 7 : Canada -0.86pts
Week 8 : Azerbajan - 2pts
Week : Austria - 1pts
Total -0.80pts
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So what do we make of the race and the stats?

The Track & Facts

  • Most wins (drivers) Prost / Jim Clark x5

  • Most wins (constructors) Ferrari x 20

  • Circuit lap length 5.981km

  • Race length 306.291

  • Best current river records Lewis Hamilton x4

  • DRS Zones 2

  • Laps 52

  • Hamiton going for a 4 timer

  • Wins from pole (at St'one) 18 (36% win rate)

  • Pole Position Left Hand Side

  • Distance to First Corner 296 yards

  • Full throttle 70% of lap

  • Gear changes per Lap 40

  • Gear Changes per race 2080

  • Avg Pitstop 21 seconds

  • Track capacity 150,000 fans

  • Mercedes won the last 4 races 52

2016 British GP Race

Pole Lewis Hamilton
Race Result 1 Lewis Hamilton
2 Max Verstappen
3 Nico Rosberg
Fastest Lap Lewis Hamilton

2017 British Grand Prix timings (all BST)

Free Practice 1 Friday 14th July 9am
Free Practice 2 Friday 14th July 1pm
Free Practice 3 Saturday 15th July 10am
Qualifying Saturday 15th July 12pm
Race (start time) Sunday 16th July 1pm

Rule Changes In Effect This Season

I included these in the first race review, but thought its worth leaving them in.
Tyres They're bigger - now 305mm wide on the front (245mm in 2016) and 405mm on the rear (325mm in 2016)
Suspension larger track length and slight change in degree profile.
Front wing wider, up about 200mm in width
Rear wing 200m wider but 150mm lower.
Floor notable changes to the diffuser as the headline change but a couple of other minor bits.
Body Work larger bargeboard and an increase in the allowed width of body work (up to 1600mm from 1400mm.
Weight increase by 22 kilos to 722 kg in addition to the tyres.

Weather predictions

Friday FP1 & FP2 : Cloudy with sunny intervals. Remaining dry for the day. Temps 19 degrees.
Saturday FP3 & Qualifying : Early thoughts of rain have gone looks to be 21degrees and cloudy but dry all day
Sunday Race : : Rain likely to arrive either just before or just after the start of the race, temps of 23 degrees.

My Selections

I cannot see past Lewis on his current record here, but at 8/11 (Bet365) I cannot see that as value after his recent couple of races so I am going to swerve that.

My confirmed Selections

Early Bets With the weather likely to cause chaos, I am going to hold my thoughts on this one, until qualifying is done, but I do think Sergio Perez in the force India as a Top 6 finish at 11/10 with Bet 365 is a decent bit of value.
** Post FP1/2 **
No big suprises, Mercedes engine quick, Ferrari upgrade not quite as effective as we thought, wind is playing its part at some of the crucial turns and Valteri has a 5 place grid penalty which means the best he can start is 6th on Sunday.
Once qualifying is done I will put up a few more tips. I also want to see the weather first a little closer to the time!
Post Qualy Bets Lets first have a word of caution, rain is forecast somewhere between 1-2pm on Sunday. That in itself could completely screw this race up in terms of what is expected.
So with the weather set to play its part, I cannot despite his utter brilliance in the Qualifying session back Lewis at 8/13
So what do I go for?:
Outright : Max Verstappen 16/1 Bet 365 each way
I can't help but recall how good Max is in the rain, the race in Brazil last year when the rain wreaked havoc, but Max after a last pit, tore through the field and with 2-3 more laps might well have caught the leader and won the race. He also if you remember when the race was here and i think it was 2015 or 2016 the track was still damp, and he pulled off one of the best over taking moves I have ever seen at Silverstone, sweeping round Nico Rosberg, off line all the way round the outside and disappeared off. It was stunning.
He is due a change of luck and is well worth a bet here.
(2) I will also be backing him for the podium at 6/4 as a 2nd bet.
Top 6 Finish : Perez 10/11 BetVictor
I really like the FI here at Silverstone, I fully imagine they will need a little bit of luck with Bottas and Ricciardo likely to come at them at some point in the race from behind them. Sergio though looks to have been a touch quicker than his teammate throughout the weekend, and the Force India is probably better in the race than Hulkenburg's Renault (also probably a little more reliable).
He is well worth a play for someone who can go well in the rain.
Points Finish (Top 10) Vandorne 11/8 Bet365 (and others)
Will need some luck in running probably with some others coming at him through out the race and rain will also be needed as a little bit of a leveller but it is forecast for the race in the early part. He starts P8 and despite the two DRS zone it is tough to over take her with good positioning of the car. We have seen an engine upgrade in the past weeks and that should be seen to full effect this weekend.
Team Double Points Finish : Renault 11/4 Bet365 (and others)
Taking a gamble here but starting 11th and 6th has to give this a better chance than 11/4 right? Riccardo is a threat coming through the field as you would expect, Hulkenburg I would expect to finish around P8 and if Joleyn Palmer can get the British crowd behind him then he has a chance.