The idea of OLBG is to work together to beat the bookies and there's no better way to work together than to share advice through the OLBG forum.

This blog focuses on tennis and back in March, Community Manager nors posed the challenge to those members who bet on tennis to post their best piece of advice to help their fellow members and bettors with their tennis tips.You can check out the forum thread here.
Tennis is a huge sport worldwide and betting opportunities are almost limitless. From the biggest events in the World through to the minor Futures events, match betting, set betting and point by point betting are available almost 24/7 making for plenty of chances to profit.


In today's internet age, there's a plethora of sites available where you can collect information that you think may help you get a step ahead of the bookies and damir10 believes that we should be collecting our own data for future tournaments. He notes that some players may not have beaten a top 10 or top 20 opponent and mentions that at the time of writing back in March, Dominic Thiem was 0-8 on hard courts against top 10 players whilst Tomas Berdych, despite being a top 10 player for many years, has often struggled to produce against fellow top 10 players.


Another one from damir10 is a key piece of advice for anyone placing any bet in any sport. As mentioned above, information is available at just a few clicks of a button and information such as certain players struggling against lefties or players who struggle on a particular service can help your bankroll.


Jack Bauer believes that being sucked in by the momentum train can hurt you in the long run. In-play betting is hugely popular nowadays, in tennis in particular, and Jack notes that a lot of weight of money will side with a player who wins a crucial second set with the majority of punters believing the momentum to continue. This in turn can create a false price and allow the shrewd punters to cash in with many players hitting the reset button in a deciding set, meaning momentum should be taken with a pinch of salt.


The top players travel in style and have every little detail taken care of. But that doesn't mean they don't suffer from jetlag and tiredness like us mere mortals. Bobsselections believes that checking how far a player has had to travel to get to a tournament can pay dividends as well as checking how far they went in the previous week's tournament. He used the example of Marin Cilic playing in the Marseille final on Feb 21st and then a first round match 10,000 km away in Acapulco just two days later. He lost that match in Acapulco to a player ranked 115 places below him in the ranking, beating the same player in straight sets just a few weeks later when he was more rested.


This one is from myself and is key when deciding which bookmaker I'm going to place my bet with. Obviously price wins but where there are multiple bookmakers with the same price, knowing each individual bookmaker's rules on tennis bets can be the difference between a losing/winning bet and getting your stake back on a void bet. BWin only require the match to be started for a result to stand whilst Coral and Ladbrokes are some of the firms which require the first set to have been completed. Before adding your bets or Tennis Tips make sure you know the relevant bookie rules.


OLBG tennis forum regular Betfairalfie drew everyone's attention to a situation where two different markets offered the same bet but with differing prices. His example used the laying of a 3-0 correct set score. Instead of laying on the exchanges, you could take the over 3.5 sets in the total sets market with traditional bookmakers and get a better price. This could also work in best of three set matches, laying the 2-0 correct score and backing the over 2.5 sets.


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