Have any of you ever been distracted,or been influenced by commentary whilst watching a race or a football match?
How many could,nt bear poor Thommos commentary?
Very excitable commentator,who hyped up the event far too early for my liking,likeable guy in person though!
Been swayed by the commentators as they try to call a winner in the event too early? Or appear to have a bias as a team has gone 1-0 up after a few minutes?
I have found over the last month,my profit margin has increased....simply by turning my TV viewing to silent and betting as I personally SEE the event unfold.
This strategy came about as i have been streaming a lot of "foreign" matches,which mostly the stats (Worldwide) are available on soccerway,many high scoring matches too! I have had games this last few months,especially the Aussies,on a Sunday morning on Bet365 with 10,11 and 12 goals available in play!
My in running racing bets have improved,through my watching of races and backing like i was at the track.No one making paddock judgements on my behalf,i used to follow The Morning Line,and Ken Pitterson,s paddock views on William Hill radio lots.
Form study helps immeasurably,without doubt,but i will say this...Try to interpret what "You" see and you may just make a difference to your profits.Watch the horses behind,even if your backed horse is a loser FOR NEXT TIME OUT!
Watch the hunger in a player when he plays a football match,watch the team in play,is their heart up for more when 2-0 up at half time or will they sit back and hold on?
I,ve found i am able to back a few points EXTRA or LAY off as i watch,as I PERSONALLY interpret the event,AS I SEE with no distractions,it keeps MY mind more focused.
Yes it sounds boring,but i can always watch M.O.T.D ,RE-RUNS etc, AFTER the event for the commentary,BUT i am not being influenced nor distracted.
Try it,you might just like it!
Bit of after timing i know,but Chelsea gave my theory further support v Benfica tonight IN-PLAY!
Your views are most welcome.