Turning £10 into a small fortune within 3 months

We know there is no such thing as a certainty in any sport but if you could find a 1/10 shot every day and started off with only £10 you would win over £50,000 within 3 months, assuming that every selection won.

As we know, it's very rare to find a horse every day that runs at 1/10 and on the odd occasion they lose.

So how do we find that 1/10 shot that has less chance of losing, like i said before nothing in sport is certain but if your looking for 1/10 shots to try and win a small fortune then look no further than football matches.

The over 0.5 goals market to be precise, although we see many games end 0-0, they are few and far between and all you have to do is avoid the 0-0 scorelines.

In this season's English Premier League we have had 69 matches so far and only 5 of them have been 0-0 draws.In this season's La Liga games we have had 70 games and and seen only 2 of them end up as 0-0 draws.

The chances of any game ending up 0-0 in these leagues is very small, there will always be a doubt in any game.

If you can find only 1 game per day that WILL NOT end up 0-0 and start with £10 then after 30 days you will end up with £174.51 assuming the price is 1/10 for over 0.5 goals, the bigger teams who score most weeks will probably be a lot shorter but you can find plenty of games priced up at 1/10

What you could win

If you picked a 1/10 every day then this what you could after a set amount of days

10 = £25.94
20 = £67.28
30 = £174.51
40 = £452.70
50 = £1,174.18
60 = £3,045.52
70 = £7,899.29
80 = £20,488.81
90 = £53,142.69

It will be very very hard to get to 90 days consecutive days without picking a 0-0 draw, but it's certainly not impossible.

I am very tempted to try this at 10 day intervals and withdraw my stake each time, after each set of 10 days assuming i get that far, if i can get to 10 days then i will make a small profit.

Let's say i pick a 1/10 every day and after £10 days my winnings would be £25.94, so i withdraw £10 and leave myself with £15.94.

My £15.94 would be used on the next 10 days and if they all come in at 1/10 then my winnings would be £41.34.

Don't forget, all we are looking for is 1 goal in our chosen football match, it doesn't matter who scores it, when it was scored or how it was scored, just as long as one of the teams playing scores a goal.

I know you are all thinking it's impossible but just look at the results from last weekends games in England alone.

On Saturday in the Premiership, Championship, League 1 & League 2 there were a total of 42 games on Saturday, of those 42 only 4 of those were 0-0 and 3 of them were in League 2, on Sunday there was 4 games in the Premiership and only 1 game finished 0-0, but would you really have picked Liverpool/Stoke as your over 0.5 game when you had Tottenham, Man Utd, Real Madrid, Barcelona and other big teams who avoided 0-0 draws playing.

It's International Weekend this weekend and when the last set of World Cup qualifiers were played in Europe there wasn't a single 0-0 draw from over 20 games.

It is possible to win big from a small stake, you need that little bit of luck and a lot of bottle if you reach 30 days and your putting almost £200 on a game having at least 1 goal in it.

Possible Teams

Although the prices will be a lot worse than 1/10 the following teams have a great record regarding not being involved in 0-0 draws.

Barcelona - 1 x 0-0 draw in their last 35 games in all competitions
Real Madrid - 1 x 0-0 draw in their last 32 games in all competitions
Man Utd - 0 x 0-0 draws in their last 34 games in all competitions
Man City - 0 x 0-0 draws in their last 32 games in all competitions
B Munich - 2 x 0-0 draws in their last 32 games in all competitions

These are just a few of the big scoring teams, it's unlikely you will find any games with these teams priced at 1/10, teams struggling at the bottom of a league are other teams to look out for, like these few

Reading - 0 x 0-0 draws in their last 36 games in all competitions.
Barnet - 2 x 0-0 draws in their last 39 games in all competitions.
Espanyol - 2 x 0-0 draws in their last 35 games in all competitions.
Stuttgart - 2 x 0-0 draws in their last 32 games in all competitions.

These are only a few teams to look at, there are plenty more with stats just as impressive as these teams.

All you need is that little bit of luck as every team has the odd 0-0 draw every now and then, avoid them and you can win big money.

If anybody is planning on having a go at this then please let us all know how you get on.

I am waiting until after the Internationals and i am going to start it in sets of 10 games and withdrawing my stake after each set of 10 games if i am lucky enough to get that far, at the end of the day it has only cost me £10 if i fail but i will have a lot of fun trying.

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