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The Football World Cup 2006 turned me interested in sports betting and soon understood it was not so easy. Fortunately I found OLBG then. So I have been learning and enjoying this site for 10 year 

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Aug 31


HT/FT A Reminiscence

Other Football

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do what I say not what I do

Last season I run a forum thread experiment about HT/FT intended to show up that this kind of high odd bets were not a way to overcome others in the OLBG, football, competitions since in the end they do not pay and produce big losses.
Anyhow this weekend Liverpool vs Arsenal game is tempting me mainly due to the fact that I remember Arsenal as being one of the teams that had had the most L/W HT/FT results in the tournament.
Arsenal has started with a goal drought due to the confusion created for the one that Gunners think should not be named any more. May be that drought extends till the second half and not further.
At the same time Liverpool has been erratic although adjusted lines to score in last match.
As I want to be consistent in my OLBG betting I shall not make this bet in this site tournaments according to the above mentioned forum thread thesis. Anyhow I couldnt avoid putting a small coin in real life for the Liverpool/Arsenal result [@33] and, as usual, the same amount for the inverse [@25]. Cross fingers with me please.

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