The Best Horse Racing Betting System Ever. Can it work?

 Last updated Apr 2, 3:21pm     man o bong on Systems    50 Comments    203546 Views

There are three types of punters regarding systems and during this piece, I will refer to each in passing. Those that use systems, lose with systems and think they work. Those that have used systems, didn't win and don't accept that they can work. Those that have a system, win, don't tell, and are not believed to be credible! In the most disparaging of fashion, I can testify that those punters that fall into categories 1 & 2 don't know... [ Read More ]


 Last updated Mar 26, 3:12pm     pompeybuster12 on Systems    0 Comments    2350 Views

WHAT HAVE THE ROMANS EVER DONE FOR US ?? “All right, but apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, a fresh water system, and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?” REG OF THE PEOPLES FRONT OF JUDEA. (THE LIFE OF BRIAN) FINEFORM, ONLY ON A WEDNESDAY. I want to spin a yarn on systems; primarily I want to put them in perspective. The basic premise of a system is back fitting... [ Read More ]

Exact Goal Betting System - Week 2

 Last updated Mar 26, 3:12pm     danbradley on Systems    0 Comments    5142 Views

Last week I came up with an idea for a system involving a goals market which the bookies don't seem to have taken seriously yet, but for which the stats suggest there should as much variation in prices as the more commonly used over/under 2.5 goals which gets plenty of attention from punters and bookmakers alike. This system uses exact goals. However, rather than going one way or another, over or under, I'm looking at sides who regularly have 2/3... [ Read More ]

Have the Bookies Missed a Trick with Exact Goal Betting?

 Last updated Mar 26, 3:12pm     danbradley on Systems    6 Comments    4758 Views

There are loads of options if, like me, you like to bet on goals in football matches. Compared to betting on match winners it seems more scientific in a way, and we justify betting on such markets as over/under 2.5 goals by looking at the form of the sides as well as their records over the season and find reasons to back either the over or the under. The bookies have access to the same stats that we do, though,... [ Read More ]

Under 2.5 Goals Accumulator Challenge - Week 1

 Last updated Mar 26, 3:12pm     scoobydoo68 on Systems    3 Comments    1954 Views

Each week i will be placing three £1 accumulator bets for each game to have under 2.5 goals in the Premier League, Seria A and Ligue 1, throughout the season I will place around 110 bets hoping to get some big wins giving us a healthy profit come end of the season. WEEK 1 Premier League Man Utd v Newcastle Crystal Palace v Aston Villa Leicester v Tottenham Norwich v Stoke Sunderland v Swansea West Ham v Bournemouth West Brom... [ Read More ]

How to win the Placepot

 Last updated Mar 26, 3:12pm     Micko70 on Systems    11 Comments    55418 Views

The Placepot is a very popular bet for many a punter as you can win big for sometimes a very small outlay, at least 1 placepot every day usually pays £100+, and quite often they pay £500+.There are also times where they pay over £1,000 and on the rare occasion the placepot has been known to pay over £10,000, all placepot dividends are calculated to a £1 stakeBig recent Placepot returns - 1st January - Musselburgh - £103.80 with 5... [ Read More ]

Get the New Year off to a winning start

 Last updated Mar 26, 3:12pm     jmstocka on Systems    19 Comments    895 Views

Last year I posted this info; to follow a certain trainer during the month of January, in races confined to 3yo's only. On January 1st, all those horse's that were 2yo's on December 31st suddenly become 3yo's the following day, even though their actual date of birth might not see them reach actual 3yo status until usually, February or March but with some as late as May. Trainer, Mark Johnston has capitalised on this over the years, sending out the... [ Read More ]

Irish Lotto, why not try perming for better chances

 Last updated Mar 26, 3:12pm     Micko70 on Systems    5 Comments    46650 Views

If you like playing the Irish Lotto like me then why not try a few perms, we all know what monster odds we get for a treble or a fourtimer but the odds are so big because you have to pick 3 numbers and get them all right in order to get your rewards. Many people have said that the National Lotto is rubbish compared to the Irish Lotto but they don't seem to realise that you can pick 6... [ Read More ]

Two Trainers to follow in January

 Last updated Mar 26, 3:12pm     jmstocka on Systems    24 Comments    845 Views

As well as following the Mark Johnston 3yo runners during the month of January, I will be following a couple of other trainers, who have also been very productive during the month of January in recent years. The two to follow are STUART WILLIAMS & IAN WILLIAMS Stuart Williams has been most productive with his younger horses, running in sprints, whereas Ian Williams has been seen to better effect with his older horses, running over longer trips. Stuart Williams -... [ Read More ]

2013 Turf Season - Finding the 2yo Winners

 Last updated Mar 26, 3:11pm     jmstocka on Systems    45 Comments    1294 Views

With the Grand National Aintree meeting now behind us, the majority of punters will be turning their attentions to the 2013 Turf Flat season getting into full swing. The start of this years Turf season has been a bit hit and miss, with the Lincoln meeting abandoned after one day and then re-run the following weekend. The Newmarket Guineas meeting at the start of May, will for me, be the proper start of the 2013 Flat Turf season. With that... [ Read More ]

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