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Odds Converter | Fraction to Decimal Odds & Probability

Published: Sep 6, 5:34pm Last Updated: Jul 30, 9:31am man o bong on Strategy 2 Comments 22643 Views

Odds Conversion Table This odds conversion table can work in many different ways for you when checking prices from bookmakers in the UK or making up your own prices.  Each betting market had odds and these odds convert to probability.  It is useful for both pre-match value bets and in-running bets. We know how important getting the right value is, the betting school article shows how you can become an expert in value betting. As a matter of fact one of... [ Read More ]

The Best Horse Racing Betting System Ever. Can it work?

Published: Aug 24, 11:20pm Last Updated: Jun 7, 6:05am man o bong on Systems 55 Comments 296112 Views

There are three types of punters regarding systems and during this piece, I will refer to each in passing.  1. Those that use systems, lose with systems and think they work.  2. Those that have used systems, didn't win and don't accept that they can work.  3. Those that have a system, win, don't tell, and are not believed to be credible! In the most disparaging of fashion, I can testify that those punters that fall into categories 1 &... [ Read More ]

MOB's Thoughts on the Over 1.5 Markets and Short Price Betting

Published: Oct 16, 11:16am Last Updated: Mar 3, 3:51pm man o bong on Strategy 0 Comments 3373 Views

With the explosion of blogs appearing on the market in the title, and similar markets and betting strategies I am jumping on the bandwagon. In this blog looking at what I feel is a better approach to trying to profit from betting on such short odds. There have been plenty of OLBG members starting "roll-up" or "acca" strategies on these prices.    I too found inspiration a couple of years ago from a blog started by MikeR24, which was rolling... [ Read More ]

Sports Betting - Find the Value and the Winners will Look After Themselves

Published: Jun 2, 3:19pm Last Updated: Nov 17, 2:38pm man o bong on Strategy 11 Comments 8754 Views

1. Just look for value.  Here I give my perception of the much-discussed, maligned, and over-used word in betting - Value! You can also read the betting school article which is dedicated to making profits with value betting. 2. Forget about winners? Yes, stop looking for them.  I don't mean go looking for the losers, although it amounts to the same thing.  What we need when betting is value. 3. No Value Unless it Wins? Wrong!  Many people say there... [ Read More ]

Professional or Paid Tipster Services - Are they worth it?

Published: May 4, 12:53pm Last Updated: Nov 17, 1:19pm man o bong on Strategy 15 Comments 43964 Views

Well, this is an emotive subject and there are several ways of approaching this.  I will begin by justifying my views on the subject by mentioning the fact that I myself, did run a tipster service a few years ago  I charged for horseracing tips on a monthly basis.  I had some very happy members, as I found plenty of winners and provided a profit over the 2 year period it ran. I also had some very unhappy members, the... [ Read More ]

Martingale Betting System

Published: Nov 11, 7:03pm Last Updated: Nov 17, 1:02pm man o bong on Strategy 6 Comments 13626 Views

The Martingale staking system is both one of the most berated betting systems in the betting world and quite possibly one of the most frequently used. I have time and again seen posts in various places on the internet as to the credibility of Progressive Staking plans. Or I have read about newly illuminated punters that have found the golden egg with the Martingale strategy. The purpose of this blog article is to highlight the dangers of the strategy should... [ Read More ]

How to find the Best Online Bookmaker - Online Betting Review

Published: Oct 5, 9:31pm Last Updated: Nov 17, 12:46pm man o bong on Bookmakers 0 Comments 12071 Views

How To Find The Best Online Bookmaker To Have An Account With I don't think there is one answer to the question of who is the best online bookmaker? However I feel you should have as many accounts as you can enabling you to get the best price for your selections. I will run through my thoughts on the subject and explain which online bookmakers I use and why. But I would say If you are new to betting please... [ Read More ]

How do I find the Best Odds Football Accumulator?

Published: May 2, 4:41pm Last Updated: Nov 17, 12:44pm man o bong on Strategy 1 Comment 7764 Views

Most punters know what a football accumulator is and how to do an accumulator. If you don't or just need a refresher please visit the betting school article titled: football accumulator advice page.  That betting school page is part of a host of betting and sporting articles all written and designed to assist readers in making better betting decisions.  The Accumulator article is packed with useful tips on accas including: What bets can be made. The best bookies for accumulators (most... [ Read More ]

How to Choose a Horse Racing Nap of the Day?

Published: May 30, 8:46pm Last Updated: Nov 17, 12:43pm man o bong on Strategy 1 Comment 5340 Views

Before I get into how I decide which of my selections will be my NAP of the day, let's just establish and explain just what a NAP is in horseracing.   So, simply, the term "NAP" means a tipsters best bet of the day, or sometimes it is used as the best bet of a meeting.  I prefer to have only a single Horse racing NAP in a day. By doing so, it becomes much clearer which selection is considered... [ Read More ]

Football - Half Time Betting Pointers

Published: Jun 30, 4:54pm Last Updated: Nov 16, 7:10pm man o bong on Strategy 1 Comment 3526 Views

Whilst we know a football match lasts 90 minutes in total, when we bet, we can choose to bet on either half or indeed just on the first or second halves of a match. You should always assess the form of a team you are going to back but in many cases betting on 45 minutes can be easier than betting on 90 minutes.  This is a betting area that is becoming more and more popular, so thought I would look... [ Read More ]

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