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Is Win To Nil An Underrated Market?

Published: May 14, 10:24am Last Updated: Jul 30, 9:17am monkeytennis on Premier League 7 Comments 8408 Views

A lot of the football markets that I am interested in these days revolve around low scores or one team not scoring. One of my favourite types of football bets, and one that always seems to surprise me with how much value it offers, is the win to nil market.  In the win to nil betting markets, you predict that one team will win the game without the other team scoring.  You can place win-to-nil bets with most online bookmakers, you... [ Read More ]

Is Football Betting Too Much Of A Hostage To Fortune?

Published: Mar 26, 4:30pm Last Updated: Feb 22, 7:40pm monkeytennis on Other Football 5 Comments 6221 Views

I still enjoy a football bet from time to time and perhaps it is just because my horse racing betting has become more and more profitable in recent years but is it just me or is there too much luck involved in deciding what the winning bets are in football? Over the past few years, I've found it harder and harder to make a profit from betting on football and I'd like to know if other people have also found... [ Read More ]

Is Betting On Your Own Team A Good Idea?

Published: Feb 5, 5:12pm Last Updated: Feb 22, 7:40pm monkeytennis on Other Football 0 Comments 3923 Views

Many people say that they never bet on their own team or that you should never bet on your own team but are they missing a trick or is this a rule that every punter should stick to? The Argument For In nearly every case the team that you know most about is the team you support. Usually, to get an edge over the bookies, you need to know more about what you are betting on than they do. Therefore... [ Read More ]

Goalscorer odds - Stop Losing Money Backing The Wrong Players In The Wrong Places

Published: Jan 31, 2:30pm Last Updated: Dec 2, 4:40pm monkeytennis on Other Football 0 Comments 2583 Views

I took a look at goalscorers home and away, and the breakdown between them scoring in the 1st half or 2nd half.  Home and away football form and 1st half second half form are major considerations when betting on football. Last season Southampton were 19th in the Home Table  PL19, W6, D3, L10, but 3rd In the Away Table PL 19, W9, D4, L6. We also saw that Wolves performed dreadfully in the 1st half of games (19th in the... [ Read More ]

What Is The Best Type Of Race To Bet On?

Published: Apr 2, 2:51pm Last Updated: Nov 18, 9:03am monkeytennis on Horse Racing 1 Comment 3024 Views

Most horse racing punters have certain types of race that they prefer to stick to for betting purposes. I would like to hear OLBG members' thoughts on the best types of race to bet on and which types of bet to make.  For me personally it's the upper end of the class scale, mostly class 4 handicaps or above. I find handicap betting the best form of race to bet on because they are nearly always competitive races meaning competitive... [ Read More ]

How Much Difference Does The Jockey Make?

Published: Feb 21, 3:34pm Last Updated: Nov 17, 12:47pm monkeytennis on Horse Racing 2 Comments 8715 Views

The jockey is an important part of a horse race but how much of our horse racing betting decisions to back a selection should revolve around who will be riding it? Is the jockey as important to the horse as the type of ground? Should we be put off bets if we don't like the jockey who is booked for the horse we want to back, or should we concentrate more on the horse rather than the jockey? How much weight... [ Read More ]

How To Make Money From 3yo Handicaps

Published: Jan 29, 3:03pm Last Updated: Nov 17, 12:47pm monkeytennis on Horse Racing 4 Comments 5540 Views

This might seem a bit early for some but believe it or not the flat season is just a couple of months away and the 3yo season has already begun on the all-weather. I'm not sure if this is what everyone does but since many of the horses that I back are not the favourites to win their races, it appears it isn't what everyone is doing.  I've made a very healthy profit on the flat for 6 out of... [ Read More ]

Forecasts And Tricasts - Mugs Bet Or Road To Riches?

Published: Feb 12, 4:47pm Last Updated: Nov 16, 7:11pm monkeytennis on Horse Racing 2 Comments 25486 Views

If you ask most horse racing fans what the biggest mug bets are some of the most common answers you'll hear are forecasts and tricasts. I've found these two types of bet to be my biggest money makers in recent seasons and I'd like to present the case FOR placing forecasts and tricasts. When placing a forecast or tricast all the normal considerations that apply in finding a winner apply in finding winning solutions to these bets.  Forecasts are no... [ Read More ]

Are Drifters Losers Waiting To Happen Or Opportunities To Win Big?

Published: Feb 4, 4:37pm Last Updated: Nov 16, 5:06pm monkeytennis on Horse Racing 0 Comments 4477 Views

A lot of punters make betting decisions based on market movements in horse racing. A drift is enough to put some people off backing a runner, whilst contracting odds are sometimes deemed enough of a positive to make someone back the horse at that shorter price.  But when should we take notice and are their opportunities to make good money out of market drifts? If you have studied the form do you need to unduly worry about your selection drifting? ... [ Read More ]

How To Stack Correct Score Odds In Your Favour

Published: Feb 18, 3:05pm Last Updated: Oct 21, 2:28pm monkeytennis on Strategy 9 Comments 70617 Views

I'm quite a fan of so called mug bets when you are getting decent odds.  If you wish to check out every type of bet (mug or sensible) please visit the betting school article on all types of bets used in sports.  Correct score bets are one of the most popular bets in football but many would call them mug bets and although that can be true in some instances, decent money can be made from certain types of correct... [ Read More ]

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