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The Keys to Success

Published: Oct 13, 11:01am Last Updated: Nov 17, 2:49pm jmstocka on Horse Racing 13 Comments 3332 Views

Almost all punters within racing ( and other sports ) seek out the elusive Key to Success. Its a bit like trying to find the Holy Grail, some people say it is out there but no one has ever seen it, or if they have, they aren't letting on to others where to find it. The Key to Success in finding winners within Horse Racing is a long and tough journey. One that can take years of searching, only to... [ Read More ]

Pareto Principle - The 80-20 Rule

Published: Feb 5, 12:42am Last Updated: Nov 17, 1:13pm jmstocka on Systems 3 Comments 3164 Views

The PARETO PRINCIPLE, also known as the 80-20 rule, was named after Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto. He noted in the early 1900s that 80% of the land in Italy at that time was owned by 20% of the population,  He was also a keen gardener and also noticed that 20% of his pea pods contained 80% of the peas. The PARETO PRINCIPLE or the 80-20 Rule states that roughly 80% of effects will come from 20% of the causes. Businesses... [ Read More ]

Horse's running in Headgear

Published: Aug 30, 11:23am Last Updated: Nov 17, 12:41pm jmstocka on Horse Racing 4 Comments 2246 Views

The use of Headgear in racing appears to be more prevalent in recent years, also the differing types of headgear seem to be increasing. You will see in the daily racecards, letters appearing after the horse's name indicating which if any headgear is being worn on that day,  You may also see a 1, after the letter, indicating this will be the first time this headgear has been used on this particular runner on the racecourse. If you are new... [ Read More ]

Blinkers on for the 1st time - How to Increase the Profit

Published: Aug 31, 8:10am Last Updated: Nov 16, 5:41pm jmstocka on Horse Racing 19 Comments 2707 Views

As a follow up to the previous blog regarding the different types of headgear used in horse racing.  The first one to look at in a bit more depth is: 1st-time Blinkers All the results are only taken from data from the start of this year's turf season and don't include any AW races. This is a relatively small sample but one that could be followed throughout the remainder of the turf season, to see if the early results follow... [ Read More ]

Summer 3 year olds

Published: Jun 30, 12:11pm Last Updated: Mar 26, 3:10pm jmstocka on Strategy 0 Comments 1652 Views

Now is the time of year where in general the 3yo's start to take more advantage of their weight for age allowance in handicaps. During the early part of the year, the majority of 3yo's haven't strengthened up enough to take on their elders. The majority of punters will usually wait until after the Royal Ascot meeting, before taking note of the 3yo's running in 3yo and upwards handicaps, as they are now more able to take advantage of their... [ Read More ]

Cheltenham Festival - Can the Breeding play a part in finding winners

Published: Mar 3, 1:08am Last Updated: Mar 26, 3:10pm jmstocka on Cheltenham 0 Comments 1203 Views

With the Cheltenham Festival just over 2 weeks away, punters up and down the land are gearing up with their form study in a bid to find some winners this year. There are many great Blogs on this site, with differing insights to help punters out, over the week. The vast majority of punters will be looking at past Cheltenham form and current form as their starting point. There will also be plenty of talk about the top trainers and... [ Read More ]

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