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NFL Betting - A Beginners Guide

Published: Sep 24, 12:00pm Last Updated: Nov 17, 1:10pm lazarus76 on American Football 0 Comments 52745 Views

NFL Betting - A Beginners Guide Over the last five years or so American Football (NFL) has gone from the 20th most watch sport in the UK to the 6th most-watched.  The success of the International Series (NFL games played at Wembley) has gone from strength to strength  More and more people are watching the sport in the UK and many like to have a bet to add to their enjoyment of the game. Some of the betting terminology is a... [ Read More ]

The Fate of the Festival Favourites

Published: Mar 2, 6:17pm Last Updated: Oct 1, 3:50pm lazarus76 on Cheltenham 6 Comments 2658 Views

This is a look at how the Cheltenham Festival Favourites have feared at the festival in an attempt to see if there are any particular stats or trends that can help us as the greatest sporting occasion approaches.  For this piece I will only be going back over the last 20 years and will be concentrating on the Cheltenham Championship races and ignoring the handicaps. That still gives us fourteen races to look at that can hopefully give us a... [ Read More ]

NFL - Wildcard Weekend

Published: Jan 5, 1:25pm Last Updated: Mar 26, 3:12pm lazarus76 on American Football 0 Comments 4848 Views

Let me introduce the gang, The Experts are made up of myself (Lazarus76), Jim Brown, Gman84, Arniehi, Toadie21 and Touchdown Tips, we’re all NFL mad and come together each week to take a look at the slate of games, we all write our pieces without seeing what the others have written, there are some certainties though, Jim loves an underdog, I’ll always pick the Falcons and it seems we all hate the Cowboys apart from our Scottish Texan! Lazarus76  Loz,... [ Read More ]

Lookout Cheltenham, the Irish are Coming!!

Published: Feb 25, 11:10pm Last Updated: Mar 26, 3:10pm lazarus76 on Cheltenham 3 Comments 2076 Views

With the Festival just around the corner many thousands of Irishmen and women will be making their annual pilgrimage to the home of National Hunt racing, and along with the thousands of pints of Guinness that will be drunk and the thousand of euro's that will be wagered the formidable Irish trainers and owners will be bringing over their very best horses and will be looking to take home plenty of prize money and the prestigious honours from the best... [ Read More ]

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