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Betting on darts is becoming ever more popular and it's good to know the best betting sites darts betting online in Australia. Here I take a look and compare online bookies to discover which is best.

Best for Markets and Odds
4.6 out of 5
18 Ratings
Top Bookie for Darts Betting Best for Darts Betting Odds Plus a huge range of other Sports
  • More Sports and Markets
  • Super Laden Features for Registered Users
  • Best Horse Racing Bookmaker

Where can I bet on darts online? - Most online bookmakers accept bets on darts. You'll need to have a registered online account and available funds that you have deposited to place a bet. There are various events and markets covered. Find the event you wish to bet, select your market, complete your betslip and you are done.

Best for Choice of Events and Futures Betting
4.2 out of 5
13 Ratings
Best Darts Futures Option No1 for Darts Events Great on-Site Stats
  • Unibet Expert Edge: Key stats and betting data on H2H match ups
  • Unibet TV: Live streaming service covering a wide range of sports
Better odds options for Darts
3.9 out of 5
17 Ratings
If you don't use Betfair for horse racing you really should with the best odds and lowest market percentages, as well as flexibility to trade, Betfair is a 'must-have'
  • The best market percentages
  • Flexibility to choose your odds
  • Winning punters never restricted or banned
4.3 out of 5
12 Ratings
No frills, no fuss simple online betting solution. 100% Aussie owned with a fantastic range of markets. If you already know what you want to bet on, BlueBet will probably suit you.
  • 100% Australian Owned and Operated
  • Low Minimum Deposits
  • Very Good Racing Fixed Odds

This guide has everything covered and a recommendation for the best Darts betting site in Australia

Best Betting Agency in Australia for Betting on Darts

This section provides information on which bookie our panel of sports betting experts have chosen for a range of categories. You can find the details on the table below with an 'overall best' choice. Below the table, we go on to explain why with some data and research results.

The best bookie could so easily have been Unibet with a bigger range of events to bet on but was let down by limited betting markets, offering little depth. If it is straight match betting you are looking for then Unibet may well be the best choice.

Best Sportsbook for Darts Betting in Australia
Best Overall bet365
Biggest Darts Events Choice Unibet
Most Darts Betting Markets bet365
Best Darts Betting Odds bet365
Best for Futures Unibet

Best Overall Bookie for Darts Betting and Why

Considering all of the factors researched below, our panel of darts betting experts have come together and decided that bet365 is the best sportsbook in Australia for betting on Darts

Best Bookie for betting on Darts? - All aspects considered a clear choice for best bookmaker for Darts was bet365 With a great range of events, most markets, good odds and live betting options, as well as a good futures portfolio, they were a clear winner in our darts betting site comparison

Best Bookie for Number of Available Events

Premier League darts betting throughout the season will be covered by all bookies, so there is little to choose between each. Focus more on the number of betting markets and betting odds in the information below.

Bookie With Most Darts Events
bet365 2
Unibet 3
Betfair 3
BlueBet 1

Best Bookie for Darts Betting Markets

bet365 somewhat specialise with darts betting as can be seen by the wide range of different betting markets they make available, when compared to the other bookies on this page. We challenge you to find a betting market that is not covered by bet365 on darts.

Bookie Number of Markets
bet365 25
Unibet 1
Betfair 4
BlueBet 1

Best Bookie for Darts Futures Betting

You really only have the world championships for each code to bet on futures markets for darts, and there is no excuse for any bookmaker not to have odds listed for at least the top 20 or so players in each code.

Bookie Number of Futures Markets
bet365 1
Unibet 2
Betfair 2
BlueBet 1

Things to Consider When Choosing a Bookmaker for Darts Betting in Australia

As you can see above, there are a few things to consider when choosing which bookmaker you want to use to make your wagers on the sport. 

We have a globally based team of experts on various sports and betting market specialists, all of whom have input and give their opinion based on their expertise to come up with the final recommendation.

If you are still unsure and would like to do some research for yourself, then this list of ideas will help you decide a bookmaker for yourself.

Event Choice

You may be looking for a specific professional darts tournament you want to bet on, or are following the advice of a handicapper with some darts picks. The main thing is to have an online betting account that covers the event you are looking to make the wager on. Almost all betting agencies will cover the big World Championships. Shame on them if they don't! - However, many of the best darts betting punters will be making picks and bets on the lesser-known tournaments. Even A little insider knowledge here can pay dividends, so great event coverage is a must

Betting Markets

The basic outright bets will be widely available, but a bookmaker with a more in-depth market selection will again be the favoured book of the sharp bettor. Following player stats, they may find players that start slowly, lose early games, legs or sets and then play better in the second half of a match. Finding markets to take advantage of these player nuances can be advantageous. Of course, you will need to know and understand these stats, but moreover, you will need to find a sportsbook with the best range fo darts betting markets.

Darts Betting Odds

As with all forms of betting, the better odds you get when placing your bets, the better your chances of improving profitability over the long term if you become adept and correctly predicting the outcome or scores of darts matches. Finding the best lines, handicap options and more will improve your chances of finding mistakes in the book's odds.

This is especially true with Futures betting which I cover below.


The World Darts Championships outright winner is a market that should be open year-round. There are other big events in the darts calendar but do not expect too many more events to be listed in what is still a lesser sport in Australia.

Related Questions about Darts Betting in Australia

  • Where Can I Get Darts Betting Tips

    Full coverage and picks for every darts betting event can be found on the OLBG Darts Picks page. There are scores of sharp European based darts bettors, sharing their picks and reasons for the choices. Covering all major events and weekly premier league matches too, you find at least one pick for every event. You can see the tipsters past picks record and choose the best to follow

  • What is the difference between PDC and BDO Darts?

    The PDC and BDO are two separate professional darts associations. The PDC is the Professional Darts Council and the BDO is the British Darts Organisation. Just think wrestling or to a lesser extent Boxing! Each organization has a World Championship competition every year, but players are only registered with one and thus can play meaning there are always two different, concurrent world champions each year. 

    The BDO was/is the original darts organization but in terms of quality and stature, the PDC is considered the bigger tournament in recent years. Certainly, in terms of the quality of player, prize money and more, the PDC wins hands down. The purists, however, do like to stick to the past and consider the BDO better, despite the lack of quality, as it was the original.

  • When is the Darts World Championships

    The PDC World Darts Championships take place each December in England. The finals take about 3 weeks to complete with the world final match taking place after Christmas, usually on the 1st of January each year.

    The BDO World Championships has taken place in its spiritual home of the Lakeside Country Club, Frimley Green each January, however in 2020 it controversially moved to Indigo at the O2. 

  • How Can I Bet on Darts Online?

    You will need an online betting agency account. You will need funds in the account and for the bookmaker to offer darts betting as an option. All of the above can be found throughout this darts betting article as well as recommendations for the best bookie to bet on darts through various categories.

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