Betting on Cycling | Which Bookmaker Should I Choose?

With a year-round program of major professional cycling events, there are lots of opportunities to bet on cycling for fans. And there are a lot of cycling betting sites to consider. So we put them to the test.

Best for Cycling Betting in Australia
4.2 out of 5
13 Ratings
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Which bookmaker is best for betting on cycling? - The best bookmaker for betting on Cycling is Unibet. With a full program of event coverage and excellent betting market depth, we found Unibet to offer the greatest range of cycling betting opportunities. Futures markets for The Tour De France and Giro D'Italia too, Unibet have everything covered.

We pulled in our best cycling betting tipsters, sat them down with our betting sites experts and let them battle it out to find which bookmaker was best when considering what bets to make on major cycling events.

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Looking to bet on the Tour Down Under, or the Road World Championships during the summer, or perhaps, some of the biggest cycling races in the world in Europe? Ensuring you use the best bookmaker when making your cycling bets will afford you access to more events, better betting markets and futures betting to grab the best odds well ahead of time.

There is a lot to consider if you want to get the best bang for your buck when betting on either road races or the velodrome, so we have analysed each online bookmaker and come up with the best bookie for cycling.

Best Sportsbook for Cycling Betting in Australia
Best Overall Unibet
Biggest Cycling Events Choice Unibet
Most Cycling Betting Markets bet365
Best Cycling Betting Odds bet365
Best for Futures Unibet

Best Overall Bookie for Cycling Betting and Why

Best Bookie for betting on Cycling? - The overall best bookmaker for betting on Cycling in Australia is Unibet, due in the main for its willingness to cover smaller European cycling events. 

Best Bookie for Number of Available Events

There are never more than a couple of cycling events open for betting for cycling, so there is little distinction between each of the sportsbooks available online. However, Unibet did have more events listed at the time of writing.

Bookie With Most Cycling Events
bet365 1
unibet 2
betfair 1
BlueBet 0

Best Bookie for Cycling Betting Markets

Only the outright winner markets were available at the time of writing, so no clear best bookie for offering more than any other

Bookie Number of Markets
bet365 1
betfair 1
BlueBet 0

Best Bookie for Cycling Betting Odds

The Bookie with the best odds was bet 365, their odds for the prestigious Tour De France stood out when compared against other bookmakers. 

Best for Cycling Betting Odds
4.6 out of 5
18 Ratings
The worlds biggest online bookmaker has so much to offer the punter. Top rated by OLBG users for years
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The Betfair Exchange will be worth looking at as we get closer to the race, currently, there is a limited amount of money matched. 

Best Bookie for Cycling Futures Betting

Unibet should be your go-to bookmaker if you want to bet in advance on cycling.  As well as outrights they also had specials on many of the Cycling tours. 

Bookie Number of Futures Markets
bet365 5
Unibet 6
Betfair 3
BlueBet 0

Things to Consider When looking for a Bookie in Australia for Cycling Betting

Considering the various factors available to bet on for cycling when choosing which bookmaker to place your bets with will give you an advantage. You'll have a wider choice fo events to choose from, better markets and more interesting angles to make your predictions, and you'll be able to speculate in advance with Futures betting markets on the biggest cycling events of the year.

The following areas are things to consider when choosing your online betting app

Event Choice

There is rarely a week goes by where there is not a major cycling event taking place somewhere in the world. Whether that be a challenge meet, velodrome event or a major road race attracting the best teams and riders from around the globe.

Having availability to bet on the best events is essential if you have a year-round interest in the sport and like to make a bet on it. We were looking and comparing every bookmaker to see who offered the greatest range of events in the menu of their betting app to choose from. Certainly, we would want to see current events beginning in the next few days as well as perhaps some that may not fall as far into the future as the major road races but options for events taking place in perhaps a week's time.

Betting Markets

The range of betting markets available will have a dependence on what events are being offered. generally the bigger the event, the more markets that will be available to bet on. For instance, a national championship race will certainly have fewer options than a global event such as the Tour De France.

A larger range of markets allows you to specialise in areas too once you have honed your cycling betting skills and identified which bets on cycling you are most successful with.

Cycling Betting Odds

Having access to and understanding which bookmaker offers the best odds on the bet you like to make will set you in good stead for the long term. Win or lose, it is always best to be getting higher odds if available. If you are successful you will win more in the long term, and even if you lose in the long term, the better odds on the wins you do have will lessen the losses over time.

We have checked and compared the cycling betting odds from all the bookmakers featured and concentrating on the more popular markets provide insight into which we found best overall in the data above.


The world's biggest events should be available to make a bet on year-round, certainly, at an absolute minimum, the Tour De France should appear in the futures market for cycling betting everywhere and attracts the biggest bets of the year. Bonus points for any online bookmaker offering more.

Live Streams

You would be fortunate to find a cycling live stream for a road race event as most are covered by TV companies, although some Velodrome events will have bookmakers live streams from time to time.

Cycling Betting FAQ's (AU)

  • Can you bet on Cycling?

    Betting on cycling events from around the world are available with most bookmakers. They will offer odds on a range of markets. You will find betting on road race tours more often than velodrome events, except for the bigger events such as world championships or the Olympic games.

  • Is the Tour de France worth betting on?

    The Tour de France is the biggest cycling event every year and the most popular events for punters around the world to have a bet. All good online betting sites will list a range of markets to choose from, where you can bet on individual riders, teams, outright winners, or jersey winners too. The lesser tours will have fewer betting options.

  • Who offers betting on the most tours?

    Unibet has traditionally been the online betting site to visit if you want to bet on the greatest range of cycling events ahead of them taking place. The futures market is packed with events, to bet on and grab the early value before the season gets underway.

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