Black Type Free Bet & Bookmaker Review

Black Type are unique in their approach to betting and betting accounts and as such are growing in popularity with punters. You are able to join Black Type through any link on this page in order to gain access to their best current new account offer

Keep on reading below to see the what the latest Black Type promotions and offers are that you can take advantage of right now. Some of those will be new account offers with Black Type and some are promotions for existing customers that new account holders will be able to gain access to. 

So should you open an account with Black Type?

Get the low down from other Black Type customers and decide if a new Black Type account is right for you.

Key Reasons to Bet With BlackType

  • Guarantee to lay bets to lose £500 - great for punters who have been restricted elsewhere.
  • Solid selection of on-going promotions.
  • Odds with Black Type are usually very competitive.
  • More of a traditional bookmaker, focussing on odds and bets rather than gimmicks.

Before you open your BlackType Account

Full guide to everything you need to know before you click the link and sign up.

Latest BlackType Free Bet Offer - Full Details

The current Black Type new account offer can be found below alongside the most important terms and conditions relating to the Black Type new account bonus. These terms and conditions will tell you exactly what you need to do (and not do) in order to receive the latest new account offer from Black Type. 

When you click on any of the links to Black Type on this page you'll be taken to a Black Type landing page where you'll receive more info about Black Type. From there you can decide whether or not you want to open a Black Type account. You'll once again be reminded of what the Black Type sign up bonus is and then you'll be able to read all of the terms and conditions that relate to their offer. It's important to familiarise yourself with these to ensure you qualify for the full bonus.

Whether you want to take advantage of the current Black Type new account offer or not, you'll be able to read further here about what else Black Type has to offer it's customers and whether or not they are rated as a good bookie. So keep reading below for some customer reviews on Black Type.

BlackType Key Features

  • Cash out
  • Asian Handicap
  • Live Streaming
  • Live Chat
  • Free Bet Club
  • Casino Betting
  • Bingo
  • Poker
  • Best Odds Guaranteed

Full BlackType Bookmaker Review

Black Type are a relatively new bookie compared to some of the more established brands but it seems punters are viewing them as though they are a long standing bookmaker brand. This is perhaps because of their less gimmicky, ore traditional, approach to bookmaking.

Black Type have been viewed positively so far on OLBG with positive reviews focussing mostly on the football coverage and odds from Black Type. When you include their live score service it seems they offer the complete package.

Other sports are also well covered on the site, which is deemed to be clean, quick and easy to use.

It seems that Black Type's odds are not always up to date on odds comparison services, which is perhaps something the technical department at Black Type need to improve. However it is not clear if that is an issue that lies with Black Type or an issue with the odds comparison's odds scraper.

Black Type looks as though it is a safe choice for punters, especially more serious, specialist punters. If you are ready to now open a Black Type account you can do so by clicking here. Alternatively you could check out the FAQs below to get even more Black Type information.


4.5 out of 5

BlackType Info & Bookmakers Reviews

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"Less clutter - more action"

Reviewed: November 2017
by davidg3907

I use Black Type on a regular basis for my bets on Football, but have rarely if ever used the site for other sports. It suits my requirements well as it is possibly the easiest of all sites to navigate. For the purpose of this review I also tried navigating a few other sports, all of which were equally intuitive. Not all odds quoted on Oddschecker are current, but this site is certainly no worse than others in that respect, possibly indicating that they are slower to adjust the odds when a few wagers have been struck. Bet selection and confirmation is easy, as are deposits and withdrawals. There are live scores for football and some basic details for racing, but very little other clutter. This makes it a fast and pleasant site to use.


"No Thrills But Great Odds"

Reviewed: July 2018
by monkeytennis

I was attracted to Black Type because of their promise to lay bets (they had a guarantee to lay to win at least £500). They actually stopped that guarantee but my account has remained unaffected (bigger races I can bet to win more than £500, for smaller races £500 is the limit). The best thing about Black Type is the odds. They are making a big push currently about their great odds and if you look at any race on Oddschecker you'll see they are best price on plenty of runners. Those odds come at some expense - there is no best odds guaranteed currently, they don't pay out on disqualified horses, they don't do all the cashback offers that many other bookies do. You can however get a fair bet on at good odds and for many punters that is all you want or need (however best odds guaranteed would be a great addition). If you can get on with companies like Paddy Power and are happy with them you probably won't want a Black Type account. If you find your betting options limited they are well worth a go.

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BlackType User Guide

BlackType Frequently Asked Questions

Do Black Type guarantee to lay certain bets?

Black Type say they will lay any bet to any customer to lose up to £500. So if you fancy a 5/1 chance they should allow you to have to up £100 on it. That's not to say they won't let you have more than that amount on your bets, it's just that they are basically promising not to restrict your bets which is common practice amongst bookies these days with many customers.

Can I get restricted at Black Type?

Despite Black Type's guarantee to lay bets you can still get restricted. They say that if you are clearly arbing (backing bets when Black Type are stand out odds and either laying them at shorter on the exchanges or backing the other outcomes elsewhere to guarantee a profit) they have the right to withdraw their £500 guarantee. So if you are a genuine punter and not an arber you should run in to no issues with Black Type.

Do Black Type offer promotions to their customers?

Black Type was founded on the premise that in exchange for them guaranteeing to lay bets that many other bookies don't there won't be any other 'thrills'. However in recent years they have fallen in line with many other bookies in terms of promotions and currently offer a Free Bet Club, accumulator bonuses and the chance to cash out your bets.

What are the Black Type withdrawal times?

Withdrawal times from Black Type to debit cards (the most commonly used deposit method) usually take around 3 days. They can take a little longer, sometimes up to 5 days and they can sometimes hit your bank account slightly earlier than 3 days.

What does Black Type mean?

Black Type is a horse racing expression, referring to races of listed or group class. If a horse places in one of these races they are deemed to have earned 'black type'.

Black Type presumably chose this name to appeal to more 'expert' type customers who have perhaps found their bets restricted elsewhere and also to suggest that they are a bookmaker of a particularly high class.