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28 August 2014
Hull v Lokeren Hull 50 Win Bet of the Day @ 1.5 Win 25 

"Hull has to be the call in this one; they were unlucky about the way they lost the first leg, a mistake by the keeper gifted Lokeren with the advantage. If Hull take one of their goal scoring chances tonight they should win; Lokeren don't travel well and they don't score goals too, they have played 5 league games and scored 4 goals, 3 away matches and scored 0 goals! "

Hull v Lokeren Hull & No (Result and BTTS) (Result + BTTS) 50 Win @ 2.29 Lose (50)

"Lokeren were gifted their goal in the first leg by an amazing mistake from the goalkeeper. Now in the away leg Hull has to be the clear favorite, Lokeren don't travel well, in the Belgian league they've played 3 away games so far and they haven't score a single goal; Hull can be well organized at the back and Lokeren shouldn't find the net in another away fixture. "

Tottenham v AEL Limassol No (Both Teams to Score) (BTTS) 50 Win @ 1.53 Win 27 

"AEL don't travel well. The first leg was a completely different story, the Cypriot side have very strong home record, but their away record is very bad; 3-0 at Zenit in this years' Champions League qualifiers; in Europa league a couple of season ago they lost all three away games in their group scored 1 goal conceded 9! "

Tottenham v AEL Limassol Tottenham 50 Win @ 1.2 Win 10 

"Spurs have to be professional in this one and get a win no matter what. AEL is very strong at home but in away fixtures is a completely different story; they have a bad away record and Spurs should be looking to put the tie to bed by scoring more goals and don't give AEL any reasons to raise their confidence. I can see this Spurs win to nil. "

Tottenham v AEL Limassol Tottenham & No (Result and BTTS) (Result + BTTS) 50 Win @ 1.67 Win 34 

"Spurs have to score a couple of goals and then control the game. AEL don't travel well and their away record in Europe show that, 3-0 at Zenit in this years' Champions League qualifiers; in Europa league a couple of season ago they lost all three away games in their group scored 1 goal conceded 9. Manager Pochettino is good tactician and I expect him to have setup his team to win this game, while keeping the defense very tight. "

SubTotal 46 
27 August 2014
Arsenal v Besiktas Under (Total Goals) 2.5 50 Win @ 1.97 Win 49 

"Arsenal might be missing absolutely too many players but they still have plenty in their team, especially 4 of 5 starting defenders are fit and ready, Szczesny, Mertesacker, Koscielny and Debuchy while Calum Chambers has been good so far and is also ready for another start. Besiktas doesn't score too many goals away from home especially in Champions League games. Arsenal has kept 10 clean sheets in 13 Champions League qualifiers. "

Arsenal v Besiktas Arsenal & No (Result and BTTS) (Result + BTTS) 50 Win @ 2.2 Win 60 

"Arsenal has almost all their defensive unit fit and ready to play, Szczesny, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Debuchy, Calum Chambers, only Gibbs is missing. Arsenal have to be positive in defense and it will have to take something spectacular from Besiktas to score tonight. Arsenal has kept 10 clean sheets in 13 Champions League qualifiers. "

Arsenal v Besiktas Arsenal 50 Win Bet of the Day @ 1.45 Win 22 

"I'm sure that Arsenal will be solid in defense, they have almost every first team choice defender fit and ready to play, Szczesny, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Debuchy, Calum Chambers, only Gibbs is missing. The question for me is Arsenal going to score, I think yes has to be the call; Yes Arsenal are missing far too many players but still... Sánchez, Cazorla, Ozil, Wilshere, Podolski, Flamini, Rosicky, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Sanogo, Campbell they can all produce goals whoever plays tonight. "

Aston Villa v Leyton Orient Aston Villa 50 Win @ 1.75 Lose (50)

"I think Villa will be looking to build confidence and I think they will definitely want to win this game. Orient also is going to field a team that will not be full strength, so I think Villa should win this one. "

Bayer Leverkusen v FC Copenhagen Bayer Leverkusen 50 Win @ 1.29 Win 14 

"You can't really chose anything other than a Leverkusen win in this one. Copenhagen are lucky to still be in the tie after they've managed to score twice in the first leg. In Germany now Bayern should be far too strong and they have to be more focused than they where in the first leg. "

Bradford v Leeds Leeds 50 Win @ 2.87 Lose (50)

"Leeds win present great value here, Leeds have a great record in this competition, while Bradford in have not been doing well since their amazing run in 2012/13. Leeds have won the last 14 meetings between them! Bradford doesn't have a great home record anyway. Great value here for the higher ranked team. "

Burton Albion v QPR Burton Albion 50 Win @ 4 Win 150 

"Burton have made an unbeaten start to the season with 3 wins a draw. QPR will be fielding a second string team if not even less then second. Burton will be near full strength as I do expect a couple of changes but not as many as QPR. Anyway Burton can cause a big upset here tonight and I'm having a speculative punt. "

SubTotal 195 
26 August 2014
Celtic v NK Maribor Celtic 50 Win @ 1.56 Lose (50)

"The price is nothing to write home about but I think is probably justified. Celtic have invested a lot in this game and after the advantageous 1-1 from the first leg, they should be well prepared to finish the job here tonight at home. It's not going to be that easy as the price suggest but I think that Celtic will win. "

FC Porto v Lille FC Porto 50 Win Bet of the Day @ 1.83 Win 41 

"Porto are massive at home, they very rarely don't win. This is a Champions League win and it worth a lot of money, so I don't expect them to sit back and absorb pressure from Lille who need to score after the first leg 0-1 loss. Lille away is nothing special and I think they will have a very tough game to face tonight. "

FC Porto v Lille Under (Total Goals) 2.5 50 Win @ 1.6 Win 30 

"8 of Porto's last 9 games in the Champions League (including qualifiers) have been Unders; Lille's last 5 games in the Champions League (including qualifiers) have been Unders. The score from the first leg 0-1 says is most likely to be cagy and cautious game. In their domestic leagues the 2 games that Porto has played so far have been Unders, same for the 3 games that Lille has played. The Under has to be the call here. "

FC Porto v Lille FC Porto & No (Result and BTTS) (Result + BTTS) 50 Win @ 2.5 Win 75 

"Porto doesn't have to be over adventurous tonight, if they can control the game by keeping possession they have to be the clear favorites to win again. Lille will not go down without a fight and so I think that's why Lille is most likely that they will win even if they don't have to. Porto will look to keep a clean sheet and is highly likely because Lille doesn't score plenty of goals anyway, while Porto know how to keep clean sheets. "

FC Porto v Lille Draw - FC Porto (Half Time / Full Time) 50 Win @ 4.75 Win 188 

"Cagy first half Porto all they have to do is organized defense; Lille can't afford an open game in the early stages they will keep it tight, with no many chances, a goal by Porto it doesn't change much anyway but if it comes early then Lille will be walking on a tight rope after that. In the second half is when I expect the game to get on fire as Lille has to go for it and it will be the chance for Porto to score. "

Milton Keynes Dons v Man Utd Milton Keynes Dons 50 Win @ 7.5 Win 325 

"I think definitely worth a punt on the home team here tonight. Utd are a mess and if we think the first team is like that so how the reserves are going to do? I think it's another good opportunity to oppose Man Utd at great odds. "

Milton Keynes Dons v Man Utd Yes (Both Teams to Score) (BTTS) 50 Win @ 1.83 Lose (50)

"I have backed MKD here as a speculative bet for the great value. If Utd get their game on tonight and win I still believe that their defense is all over the place and tonight they should play with a second string team they should be even bigger mess. It think MKD will score and I will back Utd to get on the score-sheet too. "

West Ham v Sheff Utd Sheff Utd 50 Win @ 6.5 Lose (50)

"Sheff Utd are coming into this one on back to back wins so spirits should be high, they've made the FA Cup semifinal last season. West Ham should be looking to rest starting players and I don't expect them to be anywhere near full strength. I can see an upset in this one and @6.5 I happy to have a punt. "

West Ham v Sheff Utd Sheff Utd #2-1 (Correct Score) 50 Win @ 19 Lose (50)

"I think Sheff Utd have a great chance to win this game they have back to back wins and spirits should be high in the team, they also made the semifinal of the FA Cup last season. I'm between the 0-1 or 1-2, I'm more comfortable expecting West Ham will score a goal. "

West Ham v Sheff Utd Yes (Both Teams to Score) (BTTS) 50 Win @ 1.85 Win 43 

"I'm expecting a really good game in this one. Sheff Utd have made back to back wins now and so they should be feeling good about themselves, the team should be in good spirits; they've also made the semifinal of the FA Cup last season beating Aston Villa and Fulham on the way, so they will not lack in confidence. I think West Ham will not go down without a fight though and even though I'm expecting plenty of changes in the starting XI I still think whoever plays will be looking to impress manager and fans. "

West Ham v Sheff Utd Over (Total Goals) 2.5 50 Win @ 1.77 Lose (50)

"I'm backing Sheff Utd to win this one but I'm also backing West Ham to score a goal, so I think it's worth a punt on the over here as I'm expecting a really good game of football between these two. "

SubTotal 452 
25 August 2014
Man City v Liverpool Draw 50 Win Bet of the Day @ 4 Lose (50)

"I'm not that convinced that Man City should be winning this game @1.86. Liverpool always give a great test against the big teams and this fixture has been very close in resent seasons. I think it will be another close game and I will take the draw @4 great value. All eyes will be on this game tonight and both will want to impress; both should be happy with a point, and I think at the end punters will be saying the draw was the deserved outcome for both teams. "

Panionios v Ergotelis Draw 50 Win @ 3.2 Lose (50)

"I think both these teams can win the game tonight. I just think as this is their first game of the season and both will be looking for a positive start the draw will not displease them both. "

Rayo Vallecano v Atletico Madrid Draw 50 Win @ 4.2 Win 160 

"Vallecano finished the whole season last term without a single home draw! They actually lost all games home and away by the top 6. They finished the season with conceding 80 goals (worst in the league). They have to have focused a very big percentage of their pre-season preparations in defensive organization. Atletico started the season by winning the Spanish Super Cup 2-1 aggregate against Real Madrid but they had to play 4 games in the space of 7 days (including 2 friendlies just before the tie). I just think that at these odds the draw worth a punt. "

SubTotal 60 
24 August 2014
Belgian Grand Prix Nico Rosberg (Win Race) 50 Win @ 2.25 Lose (50)

"Even though Hamilton says the second spot on the grid is the best place to start from in Spa according to recent results; I still think the value is to back Rosberg today. He showed he's faster than Lewis at the moment and I think even if Lewis is leading at the start Nico's team has has the ability to outsmart Lewis's team, and even on a head to head race I think Nico might have the advantage today. Value with Nico today. "

Sunderland v Man Utd Yes (Both Teams to Score) (BTTS) 50 Win @ 1.83 Win 42 

"I think that both teams are much better going forward rather than their defensive skills level. I think Manchester Utd will almost for sure will score and probably at least a couple, but their defense looks disastrous to me and backing even Sunderland will manage to get on the score sheet. "

Sunderland v Man Utd Over (Total Goals) 2.5 50 Win @ 1.86 Lose (50)

"I think one way or another Manchester Utd will not lose today, even though not completely discarding it. Instead of backing the result I'm more confident that there'll be goals, Utd clearly have attacking strength but their defense can be disastrous and I think that Sunderland can score today, and if not Utd can score 3 themselves. "

Tottenham v QPR Tottenham 50 Win Bet of the Day @ 1.6 Win 30 

"Spurs should be too strong and even if it's a close game I think they'll find a way to win it. Spurs have played more games and they should be more prepared for a fight today. "

SubTotal (28)
23 August 2014
Aston Villa v Newcastle Draw 50 Win @ 3.4 Win 120 

"I don't like both these teams I also think they are very unpredictable. I can't really find any major advantage for any of them and I think the draw is the most likely outcome in this one. I think it will be very cautious game and I think the defenses will be well organized and will be tough to brake down. 0-0 or 1-1 for me. "

Aston Villa v Newcastle Under (Total Goals) 2.5 50 Win @ 1.7 Win 35 

"I think here the defenses will be tough to brake down it will be a very cautious game by both teams and I can't really separate them so I think it will be a low scoring game if at all, probably a 0-0 or 1-1 draw for me. "

Chelsea v Leicester Chelsea 50 Win Bet of the Day @ 1.22 Win 11 

"Even though you can't really say there are sure things in the Premier League I feel this has to be the banker of the day for your acca bet. Leicester will go to London with nothing to lose and they will be dangerous, but I think Chelsea will be prepared for a hard fought battle if needed to get them under way in their first home fixture of the new season. "

Crystal Palace v West Ham Under (Total Goals) 2.5 50 Win @ 1.75 Lose (50)

"5 of their last 6 meeting have been under 1.5! West Ham have big problem in finishing their scoring chances, today I expect them to be very tight at the back, as the first goal will be massive. Palace will fancy their chances and I think they will look to be tight at the back also. "

Crystal Palace v West Ham Draw 50 Win @ 3.3 Lose (50)

"I think this will be a cautious game because the first goal is massive in this one. 5 of their last meetings have been Under 1.5 goals! West ham created a lot of opportunities against Spurs last time out but failed to score. Palace will be dangerous in attack, they've only created 4 shots against Arsenal but manage to score a goal, so I expect West Ham to be very compact in defense. "

Everton v Arsenal Yes (Both Teams to Score) (BTTS) 50 Win @ 1.67 Win 34 

"These two look much more convincing going forward rather than defending. I'm expecting an entertaining match with plenty of opportunities from both teams. Most likely to see goals from both teams in this one. "

Everton v Arsenal Everton (Asian Hcap) 0.00 (AH) 50 Win @ 1.97 Push

"Arsenal had a tough trip to Turkey midweek and I expect a tough test for them today in another tough place to go and get a result. Everton have to be ready for a tough game and energy will be hi looking to tire Arsenal. "

Southampton v West Brom Southampton 50 Win @ 1.83 Lose (50)

"Southampton where impressive even if they lost in Liverpool through a late goal, that game must have given the team confidence that with hard work they can have a much better season than most people expected after the summer exodus. West Brom will have problems in defense and I think that will be their downfall. "

Swansea v Burnley Swansea 50 Win @ 1.67 Win 34 

"I've been looking for angles to oppose Swansea in this one because of the odds but I can't really take the risk with any confidence. Garry Monk has to press his team to kick on after the very impressive win against Man Utd on the opening day and I expect something of an onslaught in attack after attack to get them the win. Burnley were good against Chelsea last week also but they have a problematic goalkeeper in my opinion and it will be something that Swansea will look to exploit. "

Swansea v Burnley Over (Total Goals) 2.5 50 Win @ 1.94 Lose (50)

"Swansea have plenty in attacking positions and I expect them to find the net probably more than once. Burnley have to go to Swansea today and look to score a goal themselves if they want to take a positive result back home. "

Swansea v Burnley Swansea & Yes (Result and BTTS) (Result + BTTS) 50 Win @ 3.6 Lose (50)

"I think Swansea will win this one, they'll be very keen and motivated to kick on after a great result on the opening day by beating Man Utd in Old Trafford. They have good attacking options and I expect them to score a couple of goals at least. Burnley need to look to score themselves as I can't believe they'll be looking to get a 0-0 against Swansea today. "

SubTotal (16)
22 August 2014
Bayern Munich v Wolfsburg Bayern Munich 50 Win Bet of the Day @ 1.25 Win 12 

"I'm very uncomfortable backing any team @1.25 but I'm struggling to find a confident BOTD. Bayern is missing a host of players but even then they seem to have enough to get the three points in the season opener at home. Lewandowski is expected to make his debut and with Muller and Gotze they should have enough to score goals. I think the odds are so short mainly because of the absence of a top top quality striker for Wolfsburg. Finders crossed we gonna need some lack for this bet. "

SubTotal 12 
21 August 2014
AEL Limassol v Tottenham AEL Limassol (Asian Hcap) 1.25 (AH) 50 Win Bet of the Day @ 1.89 Win+Push 22 

"Spurs have left back in London Kyle Walker, Vlad Chiriches, Emmanuel Adebayor, Christian Eriksen, Aaron Lennon, Younes Kaboul and Etienne Capoue. I know they still have enough power to get a positive result but I believe that they will face a very tough test by AEL in Cyprus. AEL have a formidable home record in domestic and more importantly for tonight's game in European games; they have lost just twice in 11 previous home matches in European competitions including wins against Zenit, Anderlecht and Marseille. It will be hot and humid in Larnaca, Spurs might find it tough going in these conditions. "

SubTotal 22 
20 August 2014
Standard Liege v Zenit St Petersburg Zenit St Petersburg 50 Win Bet of the Day @ 2 Win 50 

"I think Zenit will want to put the tie to bet from the first leg by scoring a couple of goals here tonight and avoid the near miss they had in the previous qualifying round when they lost the first leg away to AEL Limassol 1-0 only to win the home leg 3-0. They have a big squad and there is competition for starting places, this gives them great advantage and it shows in the start they've done in the Russian league having won all 4 matches played so far scoring 15 goals in the process and only conceding 2! keeping 2 clean sheets. Standard after starting with with 2 wins they have lost their last 2 games the last one by 5-2 scoreline. "

SubTotal 50 
19 August 2014
Bournemouth v Nottm Forest Bournemouth 50 Win Bet of the Day @ 2.2 Lose (50)

"Bournemouth have not conceded a goal in their 2 opening games while scoring 5! Forest will be a strong test for the home team tonight but I think because they are still looking for their best starting XI they will find it very difficult to brake the solid Bournemouth defenses. Bournemouth will field the same XI for 3rd successive game and I think that's why they'll will tonight, at this early stage in the season when others are wondering who to start, when you have stability is a major plus. Top of the table played 2 won 2 by making it 3 of 3 will be a major motivation for the home team. "

Bournemouth v Nottm Forest Bournemouth #3-1 (Correct Score) 50 Win @ 18 Lose (50)

"Nottm Forest last year were no strangers to big loses away from home, they even lost 3-1 by the team that finished bottom Yeovil Town. OK Forest have new manager Stuart Pearce and things will have changed but away from home tonight it will be a tough test. Bournemouth have scored 5 goals in 2 games by 4 different players. I think it will become an open game if there is a first half goal or two. "

Bournemouth v Nottm Forest Over (Total Goals) 2.5 50 Win @ 1.8 Win 40 

"This should be an open game, two team at the top end of the table with high ambitions both will feel they can get the right result tonight and I think there will be plenty of goals I think it will go Over 3.5 with 3-1 home win. "

Reading v Huddersfield Draw 50 Win @ 3.75 Lose (50)

"Huddersfield have to stop the rot. Played 2 lost 2 scored 1 conceded 7! Reading played 2 drawn 1 won 1 scored 3 conceded 2. So Reading has not blown teams away either. History says this fixture has been very close 1-1, Reading won 1-0 or 0-1 Huddersfield hasn't won in their last 5 games! Huddersfield has to show big improvement in defense and should be focused to do that. "

Reading v Huddersfield Under (Total Goals) 2.5 50 Win @ 1.97 Lose (50)

"Last 5 matches between them have been 1-1 once and 1-0 or 0-1 won by Reading. Huddersfield should be looking to close all doors and windows in defense because they've played 2 games and conceded 7 goals. Reading will be wary of the dangers that a wounded Huddersfield will pose tonight and will also look to have a tight defense and a single goal again should be enough. I think 1-1 final score. "

SubTotal (160)
18 August 2014
Burnley v Chelsea Chelsea & Yes (Result and BTTS) (Result + BTTS) 50 Win Bet of the Day @ 3.5 Win 125 

"It's very risky for BOTD but I think it has legs. One way or another Chelsea should get the win, but Burnley will be strong full of enthusiasm and adrenalin, opening game at home back in the big league! If Chelsea look to slow down play and keep the ball I think it will give confidence to Burnley if they don't have to endure extreme pressure attack after attack for the vast majority of the game. Burnley will be looking to give to their fans something to cheer about and I think the 0-0 will not be it. They know that's unlikely to stop Chelsea from scoring so they will have plans to score a couple of goals themselves; I recon 1-2 final score. "

SubTotal 125 
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