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13 July 2014
Chisnall vs Whitlock Whitlock (Win Match (2way)) 50 Win @ 1.61 Win 31 

"This is a tough match to call but I'm going to back my favorite player. Chisnall has done well in this tourney before and is only only place behind Whitlock in the prize money list (3 and 4). Whitlock lost in the final here last year and he has unfinished business he should be focused and determined to win it. Chisnall beat Whitlock in the QF in 2012 in this tourney, and it's another incentive for Simon to win this match. "

Germany v Argentina Yes (Both Teams to Score) (BTTS) 50 Win @ 2.1 Lose (50)

"I definitely expect Germany to score the question is if Argentina will be on the score sheet. I will back the yes BTTS as I expect to see a great final as this World Cup deserves. "

Germany v Argentina Thomas Muller (First Goalscorer) 50 Win @ 7.5 Lose (50)

"Probably the best player of the tourney with Mascherano close 2nd but the influence that Muller had in the Germany's wins I think if Germany wins the Cup then Muller has to be voted the best player. I expect him to be amongst the German score sheet again today and I'll back him to bag the opening goal again. "

Germany v Argentina Germany #3-1 (Correct Score) 50 Win @ 26 Lose (50)

"This World Cup deserves a great final. I can't bet on a boring 0-0 or 1-0, we have to expect that we will see a classic. The first goal is key, if Argentina get it I think Germany can come back, but if Germany get it I can't see Argentina winning. Germany will be clinical and get plenty of chances to be leading 2-0 or 2-1 in the second half at some point, then Argentina have to go for it before the 70th or 80th minute depending how many they need and it will be enough time for more goals. Di Maria is a massive loss to Argentina and I think they will not manage to score 2 goals against this German team who I expect to be under control of the game. "

Germany v Argentina Germany & Yes (Result and BTTS) (Result + BTTS) 50 Win @ 6 Lose (50)

"I think Germany are the clear favorites to win it. Argentina are not very effective without Di Maria to link the three lines between the team with his skill and speed. Germany have the adaptability to cope with anything that Argentina have. I think Argentina can score a goal with their attacking attributes in the biggest game of all but I think Germany will be on top in every department and should win it. "

Germany v Argentina Germany - Germany (Half Time / Full Time) 50 Win Bet of the Day @ 4.09 Lose (50)

"I expect the first 45' to be eventful without too much time wasted like it has happened in plenty other game in this World Cup. Germany will create chances in the first half and I think they will have enough of them to score a goal. At the same time if Di Maria doesn't start then Argentina will have problems in creating enough clear chances throughout the match. I think Germany are the clear favorites to win the World Cup and I'll take the shorter odds that their team will be on the ball from the start and will have the tactics to dominate throughout the 90' minutes. "

Germany v Argentina Over (Total Goals) 2.5 50 Win @ 2.6 Lose (50)

"With the players on show in this final I expect goals, yes there are defensive player also and good goalkeepers but I think if there is a goal in the first half then the value is great that there will be more than 2 goals in the game. The teams have to give their all and I think the value is definitely to go for the over here. "

Germany v Argentina Germany 50 Win @ 2.29 Lose (50)

"Germany has been the most consistent tea of this World Cup and I don't see them having a flop in the final in any form or shape. For Argentina to win they will need a massive game from Messi and the same was expected from him in the semi final and he had a below par performance. "

Hamilton vs Wright Hamilton (Win Match (2way)) 50 Win @ 2.62 Lose (50)

"I'm not really sure why Wright is such a big favorite in this match. OK Wright beat two good players to be in this match and they where better wins than those of Hamilton's, but Hamilton has the better H2H (4-1 Hamilton) they are 6th and 7th in the ranking Wright being the one on top, and their stats this year are much closer than the odds suggest. "

Painter vs Caven Caven (Win Match (2way)) 50 Win @ 1.72 Lose (50)

"Caven beat Michael van Gerwen and Stephen Bunting to reach this match. Painter had a couple of good wins also but nowhere near the #2 and #3 that Caven beat. H2H is 6-2 to Caven. Caven is reaching his best PDC ranking of his career and I think even though it can be a close match I'll back him to get the win. "

Wade vs Anderson Wade (Win Match (2way)) 50 Win @ 2 Lose (50)

"Wade had 3 good wins to reach this quarter-final betting Adrian Lewis in the last round. Anderson has the upper hand in the H2H 16-9 Anderson has the better stats between them through the year, but I think that win against Lewis should lift Wade's confidence and I will take his odds as the underdog to close the gap in the H2H in this match. Wade is very good match player and the averages through the year will not count that much today, also he is the better PDC ranked player #5 to Anderson's #10, Wade has done better in this tourney also #8 in the prize money won to Andrson's #10. "

World Cup* Brazil 50 Win @ 4 Lose (50)

"I have to go with the favorite here, even though is not the cleverest bet in terms of profit value it has to be the most logically possible winner. I have this down as a Brazil - Argentina final and I have to go with the hosts to come out the winners. Brazil have hard passage to the final much harder than Argentina will have, and so they should be better prepared for the final itself. "

World Cup Thomas Muller Germany (Top Goalscorer) 50 Win @ 3.75 Lose (50)

"Muller had a massive World Cup and for me is probably the best player of the tourney. I think he definitely deserves to be backed that he can score another goal or two tonight. With the odds @3.75 there is definite value. "

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04 July 2014
France v Germany Germany 50 Win @ 2.8 Win 90 

"France hasn't really been tested so far and even though they have been brilliant at times I think they've peaked, I think they will be in for a shock today and a reality check. I think Germany have been saving a couple more gears. Germany have been excellent at times but now at the business end I think they will bring it up a notch. "

France v Germany Draw - Germany (Half Time / Full Time) 50 Win Bet of the Day @ 6.5 Lose (50)

"France might be lucky to get a draw in the first half but I think Germany will win this game and I think they will do it in the second half when France will be tiring from all the running around of the first half trying to get the ball from the Germans who I expect to dominate the game. "

Roger Federer v Milos Raonic Milos Raonic 50 Win @ 3 Lose (50)

"Raonic's odds are shortening for good reason. I think Raonic can upset Federer in Wimbledon today. He's the best server on tour and he proved that in the last round when he beat the kid that knocked out Nadal. He must be coming into this one full of confidence. Federer can lose confidence if he loses the first set and if he can't get a look on Raonic serve. "

Roger Federer v Milos Raonic Milos Raonic to win 3 - 0 (Set Betting) 50 Win @ 10 Lose (50)

"I think this match will be decided on who has the better confidence coming into the match and during. Raonic is the best server on the tour and he looks to be on song with it. I see Federer losing confidence when he loses the first set and when he can't get a look on Raonic serve I see his confidence draining away and Raonic building up and serving the match out on three sets. "

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25 June 2014
Honduras v Switzerland Switzerland 50 Win @ 1.6 Win 30 

"I've made all my Switzerland bets for the Group on 07/06 before the start of the WC, I've backed them winning the group and the games against Ecuador and France. In this match now; Switzerland is by far the better team with by far the better coach and I think they should do light work against the minnows of the group Honduras. The Group winner will be on the line in the final game of the group and I can only see one winner in this one, bar any miracles. "

World Cup Group E Switzerland (Group Betting) (Gp) 50 Win @ 3.75 Lose (50)

"I believe this has to be the value bet in this group, and the odds show that it's not that big of a gap between France and the Swiss. The winner will most probably be decided in the match between them, which will be the second round game of the group; for me whoever wins that match will win the group. "

World Cup Group F Argentina (Group Betting) (Gp) 50 Win @ 1.22 Win 11 

"I have Argentina to go to the final where they will meet Brazil and finish second. It's an easy group for Argentina and there is a threat of underestimation and maybe complacency but I believe because the World Cup is in Brazil there will be none of that; Argentina will be focused and determined to reach the final at least. "

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24 June 2014
Costa Rica v England England - Costa Rica (Half Time / Full Time) 50 Win @ 41 Lose (50)

"I think this bet has a lot going for it. England with a little bit of luck has the firepower up front to score a first half goal and even maybe two to get a lead. I the second half the kids that will be playing will be tired as they will be match unfit, they haven't played a competitive match for some time. I reckon Costa Rica can win this match and why not with a comeback in the second half. "

Costa Rica v England Costa Rica 50 Win @ 4.59 Lose (50)

"Costa Rica will want to win this game to finish 1st in the group so they avoid Colombia in the next round; they will prefer a game against Greece, Ivory Coast or Japan for sure. England will play with more kids and Lampard in the place of Gerard I expect them not to be match sharp second half will get tired and I reckon they will lose this match. "

Costa Rica v England Costa Rica #3-1 (Correct Score) 50 Win @ 46 Lose (50)

"Costa Rica should be very confident and full of energy to impress the manager for a place in the team for the next round. England will tire in the second half and I expect Costa Rica to get much joy in this English defense that will probably include Smalling and Jones. "

Costa Rica v England Costa Rica & Yes (Result and BTTS) (Result + BTTS) 50 Win @ 8 Lose (50)

"Costa Rica will be well up for this, they will want to win the group for sure, also they will be fighting to impress the manager for a place in the team in the next round. England will want to impress also and I think in attack they can have a good game and nick a goal or two but their defense is going to be very interesting if it includes Jones and Smalling. "

Costa Rica v England 2nd Half (Half with Most Goals) 50 Win @ 2 Lose (50)

"Second half England will get tired, they will be plenty of young layers that are not match sharp and in the other two games even the first team got tired. I think the game plan from Costa Rica will be to be patient in the first half and try to tire the English team and look to take advantage in the second half. "

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23 June 2014
World Cup Group A Brazil (Group Betting) (Gp) 50 Win @ 1.25 Win 12 

"The skinniest odds but for good reasons. Is Brazil going to give their all in their home World Cup? I don't think there should be any questions like that! Brazil on their best form to go all the way and actually lift the trophy! "

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21 June 2014
Nigeria v Bosnia Herzegovina Draw - Bosnia-Herzegovina (Half Time / Full Time) 50 Win @ 4.5 Lose (50)

"I think this will be another first half where both teams will be feeling each other out with few chances as energy levels will be high. In the second half when teams will be tiring and I'm hopping that Nigeria will be doing most of the defending the first 45' then Bosnia should find spaces, add to that the fact that Nigeria face Argentina in their last match they have to go for the win in the second half. "

Nigeria v Bosnia Herzegovina Bosnia-Herzegovina #2-1 (Correct Score) 50 Win @ 8.5 Lose (50)

"This game is bound to open up in the second half as Nigeria has to go for the win because they have 0 points and they face Argentina in the last match and Bosnia have a point and they don't really need to expose themselves early on in the game; Bosnia face Iran in the last match who we saw how tough they can be to score against. I think at the end Bosnia have the better quality and if if I don't expect an upset I have to go for the 1-3. "

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