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21 August 2015
Lewis vs Anderson Anderson (Win Match (2way)) 300 Win @ 1.5   Lose (300)

"Anderson had a very nice year so far, winning the Premier League and the World Championship. In the first match he won 6-0 against Warren Perry.

This year he played 5 times against Adrian Lewis and won all 5 of them. Anderson had only one tough match against his counterpart, winning 8-7 at Perth a couple of days ago.

In my opinion Anderson has more experience and he will not get himself in trouble again versus an opponent that he dominated this year in 4 of 5 matches. "

Taylor vs Bunting Taylor (Win Match (2way)) 300 Win @ 1.22   Win 66 

"Phil Taylor is in great form this year, winning 22 of the last 25 matches. Stephen Bunting won only 5 of the last 14 matches and doesn't seem like he's in great shape.

These 2 players met twice this year, Taylor winning 7-1 and drawing 6-6 , both matches being played in the Premier League.

I think that Taylor can win this match because he's in great form, while Bunting it's struggling to win matches against weaker opponents. "

van Gerwen vs van Barneveld van Gerwen (Win Match (2way)) 300 Win @ 1.22   Lose (300)

"Michael van Gerwen is in very good form, winning 25 of the last 30 matches.

Raymond van Barneveld didn't won 2 consecutive matches in the last 3 months. He has had mixed results and lost against weaker opponents.

Van Gerwen won 5 of the 6 matches played against van Barneveled this year. I think that van Gerwen can win this match without any effort against a player in pretty bad form. "

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