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19 September 2014
Auburn @ Kansas State Over (Game Totals) 63.5 300 Win @ 1.91 Lose (300)

"Both teams have great quality in offense and lack defensive skill.

Auburn has 2 great QB's in Nick Marshall and Jeremy Johnson; both have a great arm, Marshall being able to run with the ball as well and he already scored 2 TD's. Tigers have 2 great RB's also: Cameron Artis-Payne (289 yards, 4 TD) and Corey Grant (176 yards, 1 TD).

Kansas relies on Jake Waters, who thrown 1 TD pass and managed to scored 4 more TD's while keeping the ball on a QB draw. Charles Jones is the main RB and managed to score 4 TD also.

I think that this will be a spectacular game between 2 teams with great offense and pretty shaky defense. "

SubTotal (300)
07 September 2014
CHI Sky @ PHX Mercury Over (Game Totals) 155.5 300 Win @ 1.9 Lose (300)

"Mercury are a great offensive team and i expect them to score at least 90 points in this match. All 5 starters have games in which they score at least 10 points.

Sky doesn't defend too well but has some nice offense.Delle Donne and Fowles are the players to block but Prince and Vandersloot manage to sneak in very quietly and score too.

1 thing is certain: both teams play very fast on offense, that being a main ingredient for a high scoring game. "

Serena Williams v Caroline Wozniacki Serena Williams to win 2 - 1 (Set Betting) 142 Win @ 4.2 Lose (142)

"Serena won 2-1 the last 2 matches; both were played this year on hard court. Caroline played good at this Open and has the necessary weapons and patience to win a set against Serena. "

SubTotal (442)
05 September 2014
Gael Monfils v Roger Federer Roger Federer (Games Won) -5.5 200 Win @ 2 Lose (200)

"Even tough Monfils might win a set in this match i think that Federer has a great chance of winning this match by 6 games. A set won 7-6 by Monfils, means that Roger has to break serve 3 times and that's not impossible.

Monfils has some moments in which he acts foolish or he tries to conserve energy if he was broken and Roger can profit of that and break serve once or twice in the same set. "

Gael Monfils v Roger Federer Over 3.5 (Total Sets) 3.5 300 Win @ 1.56 Win 171 

"Both players serve really good and i think that this match will not end in 3 sets because Monfils can profit of Federer unforced errors and take advantage. If Gael is concentrated to the match and manages to break Roger's serve, it will be hard for the swiss to break back.

Another argument is the fact that the last 2 matches played on hard court (2 out of 3 sets) ended with 3 sets played, so Gael has a chance to steal a set here. "

Gael Monfils v Roger Federer Over (Total Games) 37.5 300 Win @ 1.66 Win 198 

"This line is way too low if we look at both players form. Monfils lost his own serve only 5 times in those 12 sets that he played, while Federer lost serve 6 time in those 13 sets played.

This is the type of match that could end with 3 tiebreakers or in 4-5 sets and i think that the 37.5 games line will be blown away. "

Gael Monfils v Roger Federer Roger Federer to win 3 - 1 (Set Betting) 166 Win @ 3.6 Lose (166)

"Gael played great so far and managed to win 3-0 all 4 matches. He had a tough match against Dimitrov, a Federer look-alike, but he pulled through in the end winning 75/76/75.

Federer lost 1 set against Granollers after a sloppy start but played really great so far in the tournament. We all know that he has some blackouts during certain points of the match and Gael can profit of that.

Monfils managed to win a set in the last 2 hard court matches and i think that he will managed to win 1 again tonight because he showed really good tennis so far and Federer has some moments in which he plays pretty bad. "

GB Packers @ SEA Seahawks GB Packers (Pointspread) +5.0 300 Win @ 1.9 Lose (300)

"Packers have the offensive power that they need to keep close to the SuperBowl Champions. With a healthy Rodgers and Cobb, Green Bay will try to profit form the departures that happened in the defensive line of Seattle and i think that they will manage to keep close to the Seahawks. "

GB Packers @ SEA Seahawks Over (Game Totals) 47.0 300 Win @ 1.91 Win 273 

"Packers have a healthy offensive line once again and everybody is excited. Rodgers healed from his collarbone injury, Cobb got back in the lineup after missing 10 games of the regular season. They will be joined by Lacy, "Offensive Rookie of the Year", a very good running-back that managed to slip through many tight defenses.

Seahawks return to the loudest stadium on the planet. Wilson is ready to demonstrate his value, while Lynch is still in beast mode.

Both defensive lines had suffered some injuries or departures: Packers lost NT Raji, the only guy that could contain Lynch; Seahawks lost Chris Clemons, Red Bryant and Clinton McDonald - a part of the Legion of Boom started by Richard Sherman.

I think that this game can end with at least 48 points scored because both team showed really great offensive power in the preseason and have great offensive players and both defenses still need to make some adjustments. "

SubTotal (24)
04 September 2014
CHI Sky @ IND Fever CHI Sky (Money Line) 100 Win @ 2.54 Win 155 

"Chicago managed to turn the match around again after doing that against Atlanta Dream. Quigley, Vandersloot and Fowles were the key players of that turnaround.

I think that Sky could win again tonight and turn around the series after doing that to Atlanta too. Sky managed to win even though Delle Donne and Prince played very bad and i can only imagine what they can do if those 2 play good tonight. "

CHI Sky @ IND Fever Over (Game Totals) 146.0 300 Win @ 1.9 Lose (300)

"The first game finished 70-77 even though both teams played pretty bad. Second game finished 84-86 after 2 more periods of overtime.

I think that this game can finished with at least 147 points scored because both teams have good players that can score from all around the floor. Another argument is the fact that both games finished with a close score and it's possible a lots of freethrows to be made in the last minute. "

Serena Williams v Flavia Pennetta Under (Total Games) 18.5 284 Win @ 1.8 Win 227 

"Serena is on a mission for her first Grand Slam this year. She played very well so far and didn't played more than 18 games in any match.

Pennetta managed to get to a quarterfinal but she played against "second tier" players. She didn't have any problems winning in straight sets the last 3 matches.

Even though Pennetta lost just 1 set so far, things will change tonight against Serena. The last match in which Flavia won a set was played in 2008.

The latest match between them was played 3 weeks ago at Cincinnati and Serena won 62/62. I except the same outcome tonight because Williams seemed very concentrated so far and played really good tennis. "

SubTotal 82 
03 September 2014
Caroline Wozniacki v Sara Errani Caroline Wozniacki to win 2 - 0 (Set Betting) 400 Win @ 1.61 Win 244 
SubTotal 244 
02 September 2014
Grigor Dimitrov v Gael Monfils Over (Total Games) 40.5 500 Win @ 1.72 Lose (500)
Kei Nishikori v Milos Raonic Over (Total Games) 42.5 300 Win @ 1.72 Win 216 

"Both player serve really good. Nishikori is more mobile than Raonic and can win the point pretty easily if the ball is returned. Milos game is pretty much based on the serve-forehand combo. He is known to serve lots of aces.

This a match between 2 good players and i doubt the fact that this match will in end 3 sets or too many loss of serve will intervene. "

SubTotal (284)
01 September 2014
Lucie Safarova v Shuai Peng* Shuai Peng 200 Win @ 2.62 Win 324 

"Safarova won the last 4 matches played between them on hard court but at the moment Peng is playing really great tennis and lost serve only once in the last 2 matches.

Safarova played good but gave way too many break points and played 3 sets in the last 2 matches and some fatigue mai intervene. "

Lucie Safarova v Shuai Peng* Shuai Peng to win 2 - 0 (Set Betting) 200 Win @ 4 Win 600 

"Peng played really great in this Open and lost serve just once against Radwanska and twice versus Zheng.

Safarova played 2 really long 3 set matches against Saisai Zheng and Alize Cornet. She gave 27 break points to her opponents in the last 2 games and saved 17 of them.

Safarova is the big favorite here because she won the last 4 hard court matches against Peng but Shuai is playing good tennis at the moment and Safarova may be a little tired after those 2 matches. Another reason why i choose this is because Lucie gives her opponents lots of break points and Peng knows how to profit of that. "

SubTotal 924 
31 August 2014
PHX Mercury @ MIN Lynx PHX Mercury (Pointspread) +2.5 100 Win @ 1.9 Lose (100)
PHX Mercury @ MIN Lynx PHX Mercury (Money Line) 200 Win @ 2.29 Lose (200)
PHX Mercury @ MIN Lynx Over (Game Totals) 160.5 100 Win @ 1.9 Lose (100)
SubTotal (400)
30 August 2014
MIN Lynx @ PHX Mercury Over (Game Totals) 160.5 500 Win @ 1.9 Lose (500)
SubTotal (500)
29 August 2014
Mississippi vs Boise State Over (Game Totals) 52.0 350 Win @ 1.91 Lose (350)

"A match between 2 very offensive teams that have great QB's: Bo Wallace for Mississippi (3346 yards and 16 TD passes) and Grant Hedrick for Boise (16 TD passes and 277 yards as a RB with 6 score TD's).

Both teams have very good and fast RB's: I’Tavius Mathers (563 yards) and Jaylen Walton (523 yards)for Mississippi; Jay Ajayi (18 TD,1425 yards), a powerful RB that has a good chance to get drafted next year.

In my opinion this game will end with at least 53 points scored because both teams are very good at attacking the opposing defense and both teams have players that can destabilize any defense. "

SubTotal (350)
27 August 2014
CHI Sky @ ATL Dream Over (Game Totals) 158.0 500 Win @ 1.9 Win 450 

"Chicago Sky and Atlanta Dream meet in the decisive game of the series.

First game finished with 157 points score (80-77 for Chicago) but had some bad moments in which both teams went scoreless. Dream also played really bad as a team, Angel McCoughtry being the main reason why the point difference was so low.

The second game was more spectacular. Dream won 92 - 83; Atlanta has very good scoring 36 points on fastbreak and played way faster as I anticipated in the previous analysis.

I think that this game will end with at least 159 points because both teams scored at ease in both matches. They don't seem to find an antidote for their offense. In both matches lots of points were scored in the paint where De Souza and Fowles go at it in every match. "

SubTotal 450 
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