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I like all sports but my favourite has to be football. I've been betting on sports for more than 15 years, and I can spot a winner or two. Of course I like to have a punt on big odds but I'll take any decent odds that I know they have a very good chance to be winning bets. As long as the bankroll keeps growing then that has to be a good thing. Winning often is the key to success and you can't win often by only betting on big odds. Follow me on Twitter @Loukaini

Background Information
Prize Money Won £285  
Charity Donations £0
Forum Posts 203
Tips Made 1,752
Tipster Team Greek_Team
Country Greece
Football Team Olympiakos
Joining Date 05 November 2007
Last Access 04 September 2015
Betting School Passes
Understanding Bookmakers Betting Odds Explained Betting Terminology A-Z Guide How To Use Odds Comparison Sensible Gambling Types of Football Bet Asian Handicap Explained Types Of Bet Types Of Horse Racing Bet Reading Horse Racing Form Snooker Betting Advice Golf Betting Advice Tennis Betting Advice Rugby Betting Advice Reality TV And Specials Betting Advice How To Assess Football Form In Running Betting Basics Laying Horses Laying and Exchanges Advice Spread Betting Advice Value Betting Staking Plans
Detailed Prize Wins and Cash Payments
September 2015 Paypal Payment   (10)
August 2015 Premiership 1X2 (Comments) Position #5   10 
May 2015 Paypal Payment   (10)
April 2015 Premiership 1X2 (Comments) Position #8   10 
March 2015 Paypal Payment   (20)
March 2015 Champions League Challenge #1   20 
March 2015 Paypal Payment   (15)
February 2015 UK Cups Position #10 (Bet 365 5 Free Bet)  
February 2015 Tennis (Comments) Position #12   10 
February 2015 First Goal Scorers (Comments) Position #3  
January 2015 Paypal Payment   (60)
December 2014 Bloggers Prize   50 
December 2014 South American Position #10 (Ladbrokes 5 Free Bet)  
November 2014 Premiership 1X2 (Comments) Position #5   10 
November 2014 Paypal Payment   (65)
October 2014 Bloggers Prize   50 
October 2014 Snooker (Comments) Position #9  
October 2014 Half Time Markets (Comments) Position #5  
October 2014 Correct Scores (Comments) Position #7  
October 2014 Paypal Payment   (10)
October 2014 Ryder Cup 2014 (Comments) Position #5   10 
October 2014 Paypal Payment   (20)
September 2014 Premiership 1X2 (Comments) Position #13   10 
September 2014 Football Bet of The Day (Comments) Position #15   10 
September 2014 Paypal Payment   (30)
August 2014 Other Football 1X2 (Comments) Position #13   10 
August 2014 Premiership 1X2 (Comments) Position #7   10 
August 2014 Football Bet of The Day (Comments) Position #8   10 
May 2014 Paypal Payment   (10)
April 2014 Cricket (Comments) Position #4   10 
March 2014 Paypal Payment   (10)
February 2014 One A Day Football #1   10 
September 2013 Paypal Payment   (25)
August 2013 Championship 1X2 (Comments) Position #3   25 
February 2013 Darts Position #10 (Ladbrokes 5 Free Bet)  
October 2012 Cricket Position #6 (Ladbrokes 5 Free Bet)  
September 2012 Premiership Position #2 (5 Free Bet)  
February 2012 Bet365 Basketball Feb Profit Position #45 (£10 Free Bet)  
Total Winnings285 

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