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"My OLBG page was blocked I need help. "

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About Hamon

Background Information
Prize Money Won £10  
Charity Donations £0
Forum Posts 48
Tips Made 46
Tipster Team
Country Uganda
Football Team Chelsea
Joining Date 12 January 2007
Last Access 14 June 2015
Betting School Passes
Hamon has not passed any exams at OLBG Betting School
Detailed Prize Wins and Cash Payments
October 2014 German Position #9 (Bet 365 5 Free Bet)  
November 2009 Italian Profit Position #1   10 
Total Winnings10 

Warning: Please note that this information is for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as an indicator of a tipsters real life performance. The OLBG Tipster Competition is a simulation game and some of the rules and prices used by the tipsters may not always be available in the real world which can lead to misleading information.

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