Ante Post Betting

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Ante Post Betting

Ante Post betting is a longer term way of betting that can carry more risks than regular day to day betting but those risks are usually rewarded with higher returns if bets are successful.

Ante Post Horse Racing

When placing ante post bets on horse racing you’ll find that there are a lot more runners to choose from than in a race under normal circumstances. This is because all of the horses entered in the race are quoted by the bookmakers and as a result you will also find that you have access to much bigger prices (on most occasions) than you will be able to get on the day of the race.

Flat Racing Doncaster 2012The biggest consideration when betting ante post on horse racing is will your horse run in the race? If you place a bet on a horse race after the final declarations and the horse ends up not running you’ll get your stake back. This is NOT the case with betting ante post, if your horse does not line up on the day then your stake is lost. That may seem harsh but it is made up for by the fact that you are able to take bigger odds ante post (because the race is priced up as if every horse is going to run) and there are no rule 4 deductions on your bets when other horses don’t run.

There is one exception where you do get your money back on an ante post bet if your horse doesn’t run and that is when your horse is balloted out of the race. This effectively means connections wanted to run the horse but it didn’t get into the race because there were more acceptors than places in the race so the lowest rated horses are balloted out. The Grand National is an example of a race where many horses are usually balloted out.

When deciding whether or not to bet ante post, if there is a doubt that the horse is going to run then it is usually best to wait until the final declarations. You may get shorter odds but at least you’ll get a run for your money.

Important Considerations

  • Is the horse likely to get its preferred ground?
  • Does the trainer have any other entries in the race?
  • If so does the trainer have a habit of running more than one horse in that type of race?
  • Does the horse have any other targets around the same time of year?
  • And most importantly, is your horse good enough to win or place in the race?

Trading Out

Ante Post horse racing markets can be available for a number of weeks, or in many cases for a number of months so there is always the option of trading out of your ante post bets for a guaranteed profit. In races such as the Grand National you can bet almost a year in advance and after you place your ante post bet the horse you pick is going to run in several prep races. Good runs in those will lead to the horse’s Grand National odds shortening as long the Grand National is still thought to be the horse’s target. You may choose to lay off just a little bit to cover your stake in case the horse doesn’t run or loses, you may wish to completely trade out for a bigger profit, especially if you no longer fancy the horse, or you may wish to simply let your bet ride and hope for the best.

Ante Post Team Sports

Ante Post football betting is the most popular amongst team sports and has similar traits to ante post horse racing betting but there can be different considerations to make.

Chelsea Team Champions LeagueProbably the main point for ante post football bets or ante post bets on other team sports is they are going to last the entire season so your money is going to be tied up for around 9 months in many cases. If you have a relatively limited betting bank and think your money is best off used on a week by week basis then prioritise that kind of betting over ante post betting.

Ante post football betting can be all about deciding which teams are overrated and which teams are underrated. A team that has signed many new players might be expected to improve by many but they can also take time to gel and they might be a more reliable betting proposition the following season. Likewise a team that has kept all their players and added one or two quality additions is almost guaranteed to improve on the previous season’s performance. In some cases signing no players can be better than signing many players but often it is the teams that have lost key players that are the teams to oppose.


Man Utd sold Cristiano Ronaldo in the summer of 2009 after winning the league and finishing 7 points ahead of third placed Chelsea. That sort of player is almost impossible to replace and Man Utd, despite being only 9/4 to win the Premiership the following season, could only finish second. Chelsea gained 8 points on Man Utd in one season after Ronaldo's departure and layers of Man Utd and backers of Chelsea collected.

Trading Out

Ante post football bets are likely to play out a fair bit slower than ante post horse racing bets because the event you have bet on takes place on a weekly basis over a number of months. The in running odds changes are likely to only be gradual which gives punters plenty of thinking time if they are considering trading out.

There are examples where the odds changes may be slightly more dramatic over the space of one weekend and mostly those will be in cup competitions. It can be difficult to predict giant killings in cups but when two big teams are drawn against each other you can almost guarantee that all the sides that make it through are going to shorten because of one of those big teams being knocked out. Backing a team with an easy tie in that round can often provide an opportunity to trade out quickly at a shorter price after that match.

Important Considerations

  • Have their been changes to the club over the summer, if so how sure are you they are positive changes?
  • How likely are things to change at the club during the season?
  • Are you tying up money that could be used elsewhere?
  • Is your bet worth the risk?

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Comments from the Forum

  • monkeytennis

    Is ante post betting really an opportunity to gain huge value or is it just a bookies’ benefit with so much changing over time? Does a certain bookmaker tend to offer better ante post odds than others?

    Ante Post Betting

    Think this Betting School lesson needs anything else added to it? Disagree with anything written above? Let us know your thoughts and your insight could be included in the OLBG Betting School!
  • Mr Blue

    To answermonkeytennis,there is very little value in antepost betting because of the obverrounds.

    In the very popular and successful book Successful Soccer/ Football Betting by Geoff Harvey,he says early on that he would never bet on a market with so many runners due to this overground.

    However,antepost betting is in my opinion without doubt the best way to make money from football betting!

    By the way,there is no reason why antepost bets should tie your money up for 9 months.Theres nothing to stop you betting on antepost/ outright markets long after the season has started. In fact betting on the league winners in August is usually a particularly stupid thing to do.
  • UnderdogsLover

    Is ante post betting really an opportunity to gain huge value or is it just a bookies’ benefit

    I think it is now a bookies benefit.
    Why anything can happen to your bet.
    Like your team leading most of the way, and fall last few games.
    2: Bit like horses, in a long season, could get injured!! Or the horse
    is nt ready for the race in time, and pulled out, and bet is lost.

    ante post not for me now, a too risky bet.
    Know just wait near the time of race, far better value, not value
    put bet on like National which is long time to wait..
  • titans choice

    I agree with Mr Blue football is best suited to anti post betting because if you bet on a team to win the league at least you know that team has to take part in the competition unlike horse racing.A good example of the dangers of anti post betting in horse racing is Gleneagles who was due to race against Golden Horn twice this year but pulled out both times because of the going.
  • Zipster

    I mainly focus on horse racing for my betting and I have plenty of friends who bet ante-post, you can get some cracking value if you get it right! For example you could have got Sprinter Sacre at 16/1 for the champion chase before his successful comeback and that was cut to just 6/1 after his win, he is available to lay on the exchanges for the race at 5.3 so if you do the maths you are already a winner.

    Personally I do not touch the ante-post markets in racing, in fact if you asked me 2 days in advance who I was backing then I would not be able to tell you! There are too many factors to consider and too many factors that can change! Is the ground going to go against the runner, let's face it the weather is unpredictable over here, who is going to be in the saddle, which stall is the runner going to be in and so on, I never seriously look at a race until the final card has been announced.

    I think other sports are more reliable, let's face it, you team is always going to turn up in football so you are going to get a run for your money, if you horse doesn't go to the race then you are out of pocket! I believe the ante-post market is better used as a trading tool, you see an unexpected side who have a fairly easy looking start to a season, so you back them for say a top 5/10 finish and if they can make a good start then you get out of the bet with some profit or you know a player usually starts off a season flying but then struggles in the 2nd half of the season so you back them for top scorer and then trade off for a profit before they go into dip.

    Horse racing for me is No, although as I say, I know plenty of people who do invest in it but for me too many factors can change, team sports is the area where I use it most but targeting it from a trading point of view.

    Has anybody used the ante-post market for this seasons football?

    How is it going? Have you traded out of the bet?
  • Savcri

    For ante-post betting I would prefer footbal and I would say NO for horse racing and tennis because the result depends by a person only and in such case there are many chances to go wrong taking in consideration an injury, weather ... also for a team other is the psychological factor.

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