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  • Prelude Chase Trends (Updated 23rd September))

    Micko70 on 20 Sep at 21:56

    In this blog i am looking at the Prelude Chase, which takes place at Market Rasen on Saturday 24th of September. Firstly, we will look at all of the trends for the race, then i will do an update of the race at the overnight stage. I have looked at the last 10 years of this race, and looked at the following trends, Age Weight Recent Runs Last Run Year Runs Year Wins & Distance 5 day Prelude Chase Declarations PF-529 Shantou Flyer(59) 6 11-12 Rebecca Curtis 149 1151-0 Junction Fourteen(59) 7 11-10 Emma Lavelle 147 4F5-41 Croco Bay(34) 9 11-9 Ben Case 146 U1-651 Witness In Court(31) 9 11-8 Donald McCain 145 30902- Fox Appeal(175) 9 11-6 Emma Lavelle 143 0-6O11 Ballykan(41) 6 11-4 Nigel Twiston-Davies 141 3-22C3 Presenting Arms(41) 9 11-2 Harry Fry 139 3259-1 Father Edward(26) 7 11-1 David Pipe 138 3770F- Seefood(259) 9 10-13 Dr Richard Newland 136 65213 Dineur(82) 10 10-12 Peter Bowen 135 22P-F5 Cernunnos(41) 6 10-12 Tom George 135 214224 Roman Flight(10) 8 10-11 David Dennis 134 7-2U21 Wadswick Court(26) 8 10-10 Peter Bowen 133 0P131 Princeton Royale(28) 7 10-10 Neil King 133 11111 Gowanauthat(21) 8 10-6 Charlie Mann 129 42PP-1 Vintage Vinnie(18) 7 10-6 Rebecca Curtis 129 02-323 Anteros(92) 8 9-12 Sophie Leech 121 Age 8…

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  • Premiership title contenders or pretenders - Chelsea

    botev1921 on 23 Sep at 18:28

    We are more than a month into the new Premiership season now and 5-6 rounds are usually more than enough to evaluate teams in terms of what they have done over the summer and will they manage to achieve the goals set by their managers. There are clear divisions between who will be contending for the title, Champions league places or the Europa league and who is likely going to struggle. I often look at the top teams and try to judge how much they can improve compared to the previous year, based mostly on their transfers and how new players are supposed to solve certain problems, exposed before. In this blog of mine I will check out Chelsea and what they have been showing in the early rounds, how the new players are doing and what is likely to…

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  • Betting on the 2016/17 NFL Season using The Underdog Theorem

    Callingnumber6 on 21 Sep at 14:12

    The Underdog Theorem (based on the work of Eddie Getz) works on the principle of parity in the NFL ie all teams over time should be equal. Having established a 'streak' (0-2 or 2-0) we establish a 'Portfolio' of teams who, once they enter the portfolio 'owe' us a payout. This seasons portfolio comprises the following teams: 2-0 teams New England (NEP) Pittsburgh (PIT) Baltimore (BAL) Houston (HOU) Denver (DEN) NY Giants (NYG) Minnesota (MIN) Philadelphia (PHI) 0-2 teams Miami (MIA) Buffalo (BUF) Cleveland (CLE) Jacksonville (JAX) Indianapolis (IND) Washington (WAS) New Orleans (NOS) Chicago (CHI) Whatever your view of individual sides the system is purely mechanical taking emotion out of betting. For example I follow the Jags and am surprised to see them 0-2 but there it is. Now the next step is to look at the schedules of all the teams and…

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  • Malaysian Grand Prix - Formula 1

    Ralfie1982 on 23 Sep at 11:48

    Malaysian Grand Prix So we make the short hop from Singapore to Malaysia, hello by the way! You all good? Ready for another hot race? Yes? I cant hear you… Thats better! Right lets see what is what at the Sepang Circuit. Before we do though - a small confession, I didn't see the Singapore race, but from what I read it was interesting behind Nico but he cruised home without too much issue after Lewis’ issues in P2 on the Friday. If you like what I do blog about why not check out my others for the football, golf and F1 here There is plenty of discussions on all of these topic over on the OLBG Forum pages (where you can win cash prizes so head over to the Forum for your chance to have a say. If you want to see…

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  • A Betting Guide To The Great British Bake Off

    LustForLeith on 22 Sep at 20:48

    A Betting Guide To The Great British Bake Off The BBC have lost probably their prize asset in The Great British Bake off to Channel 4 and with the departure the proposed new show has lost it’s current hosts in Mel Giedryc and Sue Perkins. The comediennes have been one of the reasons behind the shows success. There’s a bit of innuendo but its all done in a harmless way while the hosts seem to genuinely care for the contestants. So that’s a pair of big shoes to fill. What do Channel 4 do? Copy the format, bearing in mind Mary Berry has said she won’t be joining the new show while fellow judge Paul Hollywooid will. Or will they rip it up and start again? It’s a difficult decision to make. They’ve spent a lot of money acquiring…

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  • NFL 2016 Week 3: Preview, Tips and Betting Advice

    Gman84 on 21 Sep at 21:23

    Another NFL week is in the record books and as that one passes the next is right around the corner. It still feels as unpredictable as ever but we are starting to see some hints and ideas on who is better than we all might have thought and who is letting down expectations. It’s time to turn our attention to Week 3 and see what is in store for us. Last Weeks Results: Straight pick: 7-9 Vs Spread: 6-10 Season To Date Results: Straight picks: 19-13 Vs Spread: 17-15 A very tough week as a fair few games went totally the opposite of how I’d expected and a few let downs (I’m looking at you Detroit!) from originally promising positions. The acca wasn’t even close although the Dolphins came within half a point of pulling off the recommended…

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  • OLBG Community Round Up - Friday 23rd September

    OLBG NEWS on 23 Sep at 15:31

    What Do You Not Understand About Betting? was the question posed, we expect there has always been something that you didn't quite get, or couldn't quite fathom out. This OLBG forum thread give you the opportunity to ask your betting question. Previously we asked OLBG members What is your most common betting mistake? and we have now turned that thread into an OLBG reference blog, called 9 Sports Betting Mistakes That Will Kill Your Profits. If your mates need some betting advice just send them the link to this blog. Football Tipping Last week of the tipping month and the 1x2 Premier League competition. Before this weekend's games the following members are heading the table. IamRichT Salato The Wolf Jiri777 haberdash This competition has a monthly Prize structure of £200x1,£100x1,£50x1,£10x15 so its well worth winning. Did you know that each week fans of specific Premier League teams…

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