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Betting Traps - Social Proof
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Betting Traps - Social Proof

by garethp1981 on 29 Mar at 22:38

Imagine you have agreed to take part in an experiment; you are sitting in a room and are about to answer what seems like a really easy question. The researcher has shown you one card with a line on it, and then another with three lines of varying lengths, labelled A, B, and C. All you have to do is tell the researcher which line from A, B and C is the same length as the first line. You know the answer, but the one thing that is worrying you is that all seven of the other people who are doing the experiment have given a different answer. What do you do? Do you give the answer that you know to be correct, or do you agree with the other people who have all answered wrongly? Most people when..

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