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What did we learn from Malaysia?
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What did we learn from Malaysia?

by Ralfie1982 on 29 Mar at 21:13

For those of you today who watched the F1 are probably as confused as I was with the way the race panned out, but if we look carefully we can see where it was won and lost and what we can really take from that race, below I have given my overview on the key players from below! Disagree? Tell me why? Ferrari, Well where do i start, the pace shown today was very good HOWEVER that is not how they won the race. The race was won on the PIT WALL, when they realised it was too early to change the tyres on lap 4 when the safety car came out, add to that there were when the race settled down again the Mercedes were 6 cars back having expected Sebastian to follow them into the pits. Take nothing away..

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