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Multiple Entries & Minor Meetings
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Multiple Entries & Minor Meetings

by Micko70 on 18 Nov at 00:33

I have been watching Horse racing for 30 years now and gambling on it for over 25 years and something that still interests me now as much as as it did years ago is Multiple Entries. As does looking at minor meetings when the huge meetings take place, i will have a look at both subjects in this blog MULTIPLE ENTRIES I am not saying every horse with multiple entries wins, or every trainer with multiple entries in the race wins but they do often warrant a 2nd glance and can often win at decent prices. When i say Multiple Entries, what i mean is a horse that is entered for at least 3 races over a short period of time, say about 3 or 4 days or a trainer with at least 4 entries in a single race. Quite often horses that have multiple..

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