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Newcastle And West Ham - Be Careful What You Wish For
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Newcastle And West Ham - Be Careful What You Wish For

by garethp1981 on 27 Jul at 19:10

In the last part of my football blog reviewing the 2014-15 season I wrote about three teams who had bad starts to the season and then managed to turn things around. In this blog I will be writing about teams who did the opposite, a reasonably good start followed by a poor second half of the season. One example of this is Newcastle United who managed to stay in the Premier League in the end with 39 points; but this total does not tell the full story of the season. Alan Pardew left the club officially on the 2nd of January, so the team had played 20 of their 38 games. He left them on 27 points which most people would agree is not fantastic but is far from relegation form (Hull and QPR both had 19 points at this..

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