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  • Reignwood LPGA Classic ( LPGA Tour ) 2016 Preview

    The rabbit on 25 Sep at 10:35

    The Asian swing on the LPGA tour begins this week in China and the tournament is the Reignwood LPGA Classic and takes place from 29th September until the 2nd October 2016 on the Nicklaus Course at the Reignwood Pine Valley Golf Club, Nankou, Beijing, China. This tournament first took place in 2013 but it was not played last year. There are 81 players competing and they include players from the LPGA Rolex Money List along with players from the CLPGA ( Ladies China tour ) and invites from the sponsors. There is no cut so all the players will compete for the four days and the defending champion is Mirim Lee who won in 2014 with a final score of - 15. Shanshan Feng won in 2013 with - 26. The Course The course is a par 73 of 6596 yards with…

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    Chipmonkadidooda on 29 Sep at 21:21

    WEEK 4 NFL CONSENSUS PICKS   Good day to you all – we’re back!   Yes I know we’re already 3 weeks into the NFL season, but now we’ve had time to assess how all 32 franchises have shaped up over the off-season, through the draft and out of the pre-season we can now hopefully start to make some educated choices on where we’d put our money in the minefield that is picking winners from the current crop of 32 franchises across Americas finest!     What do we know already? We know that The Patriots seem to win no matter who’s on the trigger, although this week news is even Belichik has been doing some pract ice throws as they are down to asking the likes of Dante Culpepper to come out of retirement! We know that it doesn’t matter who the Cleveland Browns or the Jacksonville Jaguars…

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  • The NFL Underdog Blog - Week Four

    Jim Brown on 28 Sep at 15:21

    Last Week Denver, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Buffalo all hit the mark as underdogs for the blog, giving us a 100% week and an 87.5% strike-rate after two weeks. Certainly can't complain about that! Performance on the season: 6 wins from 7 picks: 88% strike-rate Profit/Loss: +9.85 pts This week The blog is going up a little earlier because the MIAMI DOLPHINS come to the fore as a pick for the Thursday Night Football match this week. The blog will be updated later to include the Sunday/Monday games MIAMI DOLPHINS 3/1 on the road to the Cincinnati Bengals - Thursday Night Football One of the factors I look at when assessing games is whether a team is having a second home or road game in succession. I see a second home game as an added advantage, and a second game on the road as a disadvantage. The Bengals…

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  • 6 Tennis Tips To Make You More Money

    undertherobe on 27 Sep at 22:01

    The idea of OLBG is to work together to beat the bookies and there’s no better way to work together than to share advice through the OLBG forum. This blog focuses on tennis and back in March, Community Manager nors posed the challenge to those members who bet on tennis to post their best piece of advice to help their fellow members and bettors with their Tennis Tips. You can check out the forum thread here. Tennis is a huge sport worldwide and betting opportunities are almost limitless. From the biggest events in the World through to the minor Futures events, match betting, set betting and point by point betting are available almost 24/7 making for plenty of chances to profit. COLLECT DATA In today’s internet age, there’s a plethora of sites available where you can collect information that…

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  • Horse Racing Trends - Issue 5 - 27 September to 3 October 2016

    Robmull on 26 Sep at 15:23

    The purpose of this blog is to provide trends based information that will hopefully assist readers to identify value and profitable wagers throughout the week. Although it is highly unlikely that all of the trends detailed below will prove profitable to follow immediately, many of the statistics should be worth noting for consideration in the future. However, in my opinion, the data can be used to produce a list of potential candidates that can then be assessed further through the use of form study, race and ground conditions, plus any draw/pace bias, etc, to identify likely winners and hopefully profitable bets. My intention is to update this blog on a daily basis, with information that will generally relate to the following day’s race meetings, so even if a reader finds nothing to interest them on a specific day, there may be…

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  • Everton V Crystal Palace - A Red 'n' Blue View - Premier League - Stats and Preview

    Ralfie1982 on 25 Sep at 22:04

    Everton V Crystal Palace Hi everyone and welcome to my blog, here I will give you a bit of an overview of the match, some stats that might prove a bit useful when the two teams meet, some team news and so on. If there is anything you'd like to see in the blog that is not here, please leave me a comment and I will try to include it below. If you like what I do blog about why not check out my others for the football, golf and F1 here There is plenty of discussions on all of these topic over on the OLBG Forum pages (where you can win cash prizes so head over to the Forum for your chance to have a say. If you want to see all the different sporting tips on the OLBG site (and…

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  • Ascot Challenge Cup Trends

    Micko70 on 29 Sep at 12:12

    The Ascot Challenge Cup is a class 2 Heritage Handicap run over 7 furlongs, i have looked at the last 10 years and looked at the following trends - Age, Weight, Official Rating, Recent Runs, Last Run, Year Runs, Year Wins & Draw. Any horse passing a trend will score the points for that trend and the horse with the most points will be the selection for the race.. Final Decs - 1(12) 359414 Buckstay(21) 6 9-10 Peter Chapple-Hyam - Jamie Spencer 109 2(16) 2-1214 Librisa Breeze(43) 4 9-9 Dean Ivory - Robert Winston 108 3(8) 124112 Firmament(28) 4 9-7 David O´Meara - Daniel Tudhope 106 4(15) 514147 Coprah(20) 8 9-6 Cathrine Erichsen - William Buick 105 5(17) 233030 Watchable(14) 6 9-6 David O´Meara - Graham Gibbons 105 6(3) 411442 Growl(14) 4 9-5 Richard Fahey - Graham Lee 104 7(13) 8-1125 Remarkable(108) 3 9-4 John Gosden - Robert Havlin 105 8(11) 4-0244 Squats(28) 4 9-4 William Haggas - Georgia Cox(5) 103 9(9) 022000 Heaven´s Guest(28) 6 9-3 Richard Fahey - Martin Harley 102 10(14) 70412 Right Touch(42) …

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