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  • Australian Soccer - Brisbane Roar FC my team for the 2015/16 Hyundai A-League season

    tbuckley on 05 Oct at 19:49

    Australian Soccer - Brisbane Roar FC my team for the 2015/16 Hyundai A-League season In my first blog on Australian Soccer covering the format, history and structure of the Hyundai A-League, I stated how the motivation for doing that blog is my love for a challenge and especially one that is sports/sports betting related. It's a challenge to look at and find more about Australian Soccer because I quite honestly have never followed Australian Hyundai A-League, until I'd done the first blog I knew nothing of the structure, history of the A-League and I've never had a bet on the A-League. That first blog covering the format, history and structure of Hyundai A-League is available for anybody interested, I now know more about the A-League and I hope that blog helps others to understand more. The next part of my challenge to get…

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  • Premiership Relegation (inc end of October predictions).

    davidg3907 on 04 Oct at 19:40

    It hardly seems a month since I did the end of August update, but what has happened to various teams since then? The October break for internationals seems a logical time to investigate. Despite Chelsea’s apparent eagerness to get involved, I shall concentrate on the eight most likely candidates, along with updates on those theoretically involved at the beginning. WATFORD My initial thoughts were that they had marginally the most difficult start of the promoted teams. Backed to a small stake averaging 1.78, this is a position I will hold for the first month or so. End of August update They started the season with 3 draws to get the 3 points I thought they may get from the West Brom match. It was a step too far taking their unbeaten start to the Etihad. End Sept estimate 7pts. October break update. 10…

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    pompeybuster12 on 06 Oct at 17:33

    THE STONE ROSES. “The roses were just like anybody else, just so much cooler” A quote from the movie SPIKE ISLAND. Spike Island is a now famous gig by the magnificent Stone Roses, which was a landmark event in British music, while ruined by an awful sound set up it lit the touchpaper for what happened afterwards and bands like Oasis owe the Roses a great deal, they were the daisy cutter that cleared the way for the Britpop explosion. Unfortunately they were to become embroiled in a legal battle with their record label , which meant while others were able to ride the wave they had created , they were left treading water offshore, the battle ended and their eagerly awaited album SECOND COMING was released , but the moment had passed , the momentum had dissipated. The Stone Roses will always be the…

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  • Premier League Handicap Update

    Micko70 on 07 Oct at 12:55

    We have now played 8 games in the Premier League and as it's international weekend this weekend, i have decided to have a look at the Premier League Handicap so far I am looking at Ladbrokes Handicap for the current season as they are the only bookie currently offering odds on the Handicap, each team was available at 15/1 at the start of the season off their handicap mark Let's have a look at how each side is doing and what there odds are now TEAM HANDICAP POINTS TOTAL PRICE Watford 48 10 58 5/1 Leicester 42 15 57 11/4 Norwich 46 9 55 12/1 Bournemouth 45 8 53 12/1 Crystal Palace 37 15 52 4/1 West Brom 42 8 50 25/1 West Ham 35 14 49 20/1 Aston Villa 43 4 47 66/1 Sunderland 44 3 47 250/1 Swansea 35 10 45 20/1 Stoke 35 9 44 66/1 Everton 29 13 42 12/1 Newcastle 39 3 42 150/1 Southampton 29 12 41 18/1 Tottenham 22 13 35 33/1 Liverpool 15 12 27 66/1 Man United 8 16 24 25/1 Arsenal 6 16 22 22/1 Man City 3 18 21 20/1 Chelsea Scratch 8 8 250/1 Previous Seasons Thanks to OLBG member Davidg3907 i have got the handicap results for the last 7 seasons, going back to the 2008/2009 season and this is how the top 3 panned out over the season - 2014/2015 1st - Southampton = 99 (39 hcap & 60pts) 2nd - Swansea = 97 (41 hcap &…

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  • Saturday Racing Preview - 10 October 2015

    Robmull on 08 Oct at 20:13

    Saturday is usually the busiest day of the week in terms of race meetings, attendance at race meetings swelled by occasional racegoers enjoying a good day out and betting turnover, as once a week punters try to find the winners of the races that they are able to watch on terrestrial TV. In general, the races that are usually covered by Channel 4 on Saturday are often the most valuable and competitive events of the week and as such are the most complex to analyse. In addition, many Saturday punters that I know struggle to find sufficient time to fully analyse all of the data that is available in the media, prior to making their selections, as they find they are under time restraints due to competing home and/or work commitments. Speaking from personal experience, I have lost count of…

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  • The New Boxing Champion Of The World

    bitmoretechnical on 08 Oct at 16:50

    In boxing it can sometimes be hard to figure out who the champion actually is. You may have seen a boxer you've never heard of wearing about 10 belts around his shoulders, neck and arms and then be told that he isn't even a world champion. In fact, the situation has gone so far that there is a phrase for it: Alphabet soup or alphabet titles, referring to the abbreviations of the various sanctioning bodies that award world titles. The issue is that anybody can offer a title and most boxers, or at least their promoters, ensure that they are seen with anything resembling a belt whenever they are in camera shot. But this also means that genuine champions and their achievements can be belittled. This weekend, in Manchester, Terry Flanagan defends his WBO lightweight title for the first time and…

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  • Friday Racing Review - Newmarket and York on 9 October 2015

    Robmull on 07 Oct at 14:43

    Regular readers of my blog will be aware that I provide weekly articles in which I preview the races that are to be televised by Channel 4 each Saturday, with the aim of drawing together in one place some useful and hopefully potentially profitable pointers in respect of these races. In addition to my usual Saturday Racing Preview, I thought that it would be beneficial to produce a separate companion article for the 7 top quality events from Newmarket and York that the Channel 4 cameras will be covering this Friday. Each race will be previewed in time order, during which I will in the main attempt to highlight useful data in relation to the following criteria: • Trainers with profitable records at the racecourses and in the specific races • Historically profitable trainer/jockey combinations • Historically profitable trends in respect of specific races • Any additional…

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