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  • NFL Week 12 Previews

    Gibbard2002 on 28 Nov at 10:24

    Thanksgiving is out of the way and we now go to the Sunday games. I will preview the live games here this week so people can bet in the game they can watch. New York Giants @ Washington Redskins A big divisional game here with the NFC East being so wide open. The Giants can confirm their #1 status right now and could go 2 games clear of everyone else. The Redskins need to win this as they have already lost to the Giants so 2 defeats would be a killer in the tie-breakers. New York Giants The 5-5 Giants are the favourites for the division right now as nobody else wants to win it. Philadelphia & Dallas both lost on Thursday, which left a massive opportunity for the winner her. They are 2-3 on the road with wins in Buffalo and Tampa. They…

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  • Wile E Coyote Catches The Anytime Scorer Bet Week 2

    LustForLeith on 26 Nov at 19:30

    Wile E Coyote Catches The Anytime Scorer Bet Week 2 Last week wasn't the best of starts, but did offer some promise. Of the eight players selected, five scored during the game. Two of them (Vardy and Gray) were first goal scorer. So, sticking with my plan of picking the top scorer from each of the four main leagues to score at any time I'm only on five selections. It's cup weekend in Scotland this weekend and I'm against picking players in the cup. Their form might not move from one to another and in certain circumstances players might not get picked in cups that do well in the leagues. There's only five selections and between them they've amassed 62 goals. Between them 32 of them have been the first goal scored in their matches. Player Goals Penalty 1st Scorer Vardy 13 …

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  • Draw/Win vs Win/Win in the Half-Time/Full-Time Market

    bobslay13 on 27 Nov at 13:26

    Draw/Win vs Win/Win in the Half-Time/Full-Time Market Half-Time/Full-Time results (a.k.a Double Result) is a market I’ve dabbled with to some extent but not with a great degree of success. I assume that’s the case for most regular punters so I thought I’d do a little investigation to see if I can find out where I’ve been going wrong. I’ve been wondering recently about the seemingly great difference between the odds on teams to be winning at both Half-Time and Full-Time compared to teams to be drawing at Half-Time and Win at Full-Time. The odds obviously vary greatly but most teams priced around 1.5 to win a game will be Even money to get the Win/Win result. However, those odds are greatly increased if you opt for the Draw/Win result; usually around the 3.0 mark. For teams around 2.0 to win in the…

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  • Premier League Relegation. End October update.

    davidg3907 on 29 Nov at 21:12

    With the international break it seemed a good time to revisit the predictions for the end of October, albeit one round of matches later than intended. Although I had finished the blog, circumstances led me to forget to post it at the time. I shall update further with end of November comments during the next few days. Despite Chelsea’s continued eagerness to get involved, I shall concentrate on the eight most likely candidates, along with updates on those theoretically involved at the beginning. WATFORD My initial thoughts were that they had marginally the most difficult start of the promoted teams. Backed to a small stake averaging 1.78, this is a position I will hold for the first month or so. End of August update They started the season with 3 draws to get the 3 points I thought they may get from…

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  • In Form Trainers - 30 November to 6 December 2015

    Robmull on 29 Nov at 12:50

    The purpose of this blog is to highlight trainers in Britain that are currently in good form based on a minimum of 5 winners at a strike rate of 20% or more and have recorded a level stake profit across all of their runners during the last 14 days up to the close of racing on Saturday. In addition, I will endeavour to list where these trainers have horses entered at racecourses over the forthcoming week where the trainer has been profitable to follow since the start of 2011 and will also highlight any jockeys that have been profitable to follow when teaming up with our in form trainers, during 2015. There is an old saying that states that success breeds further success and whilst most training stables come in and out of form during the year, it often pays…

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  • Somewhere Over The 2.5 Goals Rainbow Week 2

    LustForLeith on 26 Nov at 19:15

    Somewhere Over The 2.5 Goals Rainbow Week 2 As first weeks go, it wasn't the best. As pointed out there was some strange results and low scoring games. Seven of the twelve highlighted fixtures finished with over 2.5 goals. So sticking with picking two teams who've averaged over 2.5 goals here's this week's selections. I've broken them down this week. It's cup weekend in Scotland so I'm not sure what to make of them. Teams in different leagues against each other, both with over 2.5 goals per game average. Should they be picked or ignored? Some throw up games against teams I. The same league. Yikes! Below home team listed against away team with the average goals each one has scored next to them. Bournemouth 3.15 Everton 3.08 Millwall 3.05 Bury 3.16 Barnsley …

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  • NBA Record-breaking streaks - Philadelphia 76ers (Nov 2015)

    botev1921 on 25 Nov at 12:21

    It has been only a month into the NBA season and the blockbuster stories keep coming one after another. Certain developments have been expected, others not so much, but the consensus around the league and on most fan message boards is that the current developments are already building one if not the most exciting basketball season in history. Two record-breaking streaks are still active as we get close to the end of November and I decided to dedicate a pair of articles to them, put them into betting context and hopefully add a bit more enjoyment to the already nerve-wracking first month of the season. If you haven’t followed closely, the Golden State Warriors, who are defending champions, opened with a 15-0 record, while Philadelphia 76ers, who are defending “worst team” in the league are now 0-15. How long will…

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