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by pompeybuster12 on 24 Jan at 12:22

FLOYDS ZERO HOUR CONTRACT It’s finally going to happen by the look of it, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao are set to lock horns, unfortunately for us and to the shame of boxing it is four years late, yes it will still be a spectacle but in its pomp this would have been the greatest fight of all time. Floyd is no longer as good as he was (though still a great fighter) , the recent talks with Amir Khan give an indication of what he is after, simply opponents with names who are handpicked for harmlessness. Pacquiao four years ago was tearing through the division and he wasn’t just knocking people over , every Manny fight ended up with doctors and stretchers all over the place, however Manny like Floyd is no longer the fighter he was , despite being two..

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