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888Sport Free Bet & Bookmaker Review

Rating: 2.8 out of 5 from 16 reviews

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4 out of 4 people found this review helpful

Try\'s Hard

by glenn161274, Leeds, 29 December 2013

888 is certainly not the worst site which you could use, but it is not the best either. They do on whole have competitive price's take the Boxing day football they came 3rd from 5 site's i looked at which is exactly what i was saying, they are some were in the middle. I do like a couple of there promo's i like to use the Acca promo place at least 3x£5 bet's and get another free. They have more for higher priced bet's but since i bet in £5 this is the one i always use, and i used another a couple of weeks ago which is if a match has a goal scored in 88+ mins if that spoils your bet they give you your stake back i did not know about it until i noticed my account. So they do have some added extra's one more point is as a Semi Pro poker player there poker site is great terrible players with decent numbers i had to mention as i have made a steady income from there poker all year.

2 out of 2 people found this review helpful

It\'s OK for selective betting

by man o bong, Gozo, 27 December 2013

The site is not the best, the functionality may lack along with the navigation but simply having the account when they are best priced on a market is a simple must - A must have for some football markets

2 out of 2 people found this review helpful


by sundown, Hamburg, 30 May 2010

seems to me a bit underrated by the ratings here. Is almost the same thing as blue square,isn`t it? Some very good prices at football;correct score prices always among the best, if not the best. Very competitive draw no bet and HT/FT market to. You can find good prices at tennis too. Daily match list. Not eyery bookie have that.(see titan)Goals galore list too, with some of the best prices. but have a second look: not all both to score offers on matches are included in that list, you can find them under "more" for each game. So here are some very good prices hidden besides the big games. I find it easy to navigate and no problems with the betslips. Nice bookie, not the best,but worthy to add to your portfolio. And what I really like: they are trying always to improve. When I thought in the past:they should really do that...they were already underway.

5 out of 5 people found this review helpful

Not the best...

by joshuasimper, Portsmouth, 29 December 2013

It's not by anyone's imagination the most easy to use bookies, which is primarily what bookies will be aiming for. The colour scheme used black and orange is not aimed at improving loading speeds. It took me a while to find my way around the site, using a button called cashier to deposit. It already has the feature for cashing out, but lacks with scope of live betting, and currently has no live feeds of their sports. The navigation seems fine once you find what you're looking for, perhaps a bit slow. The coupons seem easy enough to use, and there is an interesting stats section in the Extras, which has potential, if they worked on it. Overall the website has potential to be good. The odds are very decent, out pricing bet365 on the markets that I checked including Match Result for the Premier League, so could be to the liking of those seeking value.

2 out of 2 people found this review helpful

needs work...

by gecko6, Adelaide, 08 September 2009

888 seems a decent site at first but it can be a struggle finding your bets sometimes as the screens aren't the easiest to navigate - they also have problems with their bet confirmation scrfeen occasionally - a few more markets, better prices and a better customer interface would definitely help

2 out of 2 people found this review helpful

Ok but frustrating when withdrawing

by jonzygon, york, 01 July 2010

This website is ok but they make it very time consuming to make a withdrawal with somewhat over the top security checks which others don't do

1 out of 1 people found this review helpful

Golf Choices

by jimmywomble, London, 29 January 2014

I find the fact you can't do a normal each way bet annoying, i.e. 1/4 odds 1-5 places. Plus the place odds offered are generally only around 1/5 odds and so even placing the bets as win & place only does not offer value. So for golf bets unless I'm doing win only I always look elsewhere.

1 out of 1 people found this review helpful

Decent with some Small Niggles to Iron Out :)

by punting4profit, Dorset, 29 January 2014

For me, I think that 888sport have improved a lot in the last year to 18 months. This may have coincided with Blue Square ceasing trading and as they appeared to be there ‘first’ it was often a probable incorrect perception that 888 were copying their odds. I suspect the truth is that they were using the same software. Now, 888 do ‘take a view’ on occasion, particularly on the bigger races. As I Horse Racing punter, what I particularly like is that if I ask for a stake that is potentially too large, they will tell me immediately what amount they will take at that price and give me the option of sending the rest for approval which so far has only taken up to 5 minutes. It also appears that severe account restrictions may be a thing of the past but I can’t 100% say this is the truth as I’ve not been winning with them until fairly recently. I like the colour scheme on the site which is easy to read but there are 3 slight negatives for me. Unfortunately, I do not hold a complete confidence in the company when I have large amounts of money held with them. I believe this may be due to what appears to be quite an aggressive advertising campaign when it comes to products such as the casino and bingo. The turnover requirements for their bonuses on these are particularly difficult to reach – not that I would or have ever tried – just not my thing. It doesn’t make sense I know but I prefer my Bookmakers to at least pretend to be Bookmakers rather than push products where the odds are greatly stacked in their favour. I guess that as they become more established in the future I may become more comfortable leaving cash in their account. There is also a small issue with withdrawals. The money has, in my experience, always arrived in the bank but they do seem to take at least a day longer than most other books. Finally, and I can only talk about horse racing, the selection I want often takes more button clicks than I’d like to get to. The Horse Racing Pop up requires you to press All Races, before selecting your meeting and then the race you want as opposed to having all available races on the one page – EG. Coral, Paddy Power. A must have bookie as they all are! for when they are best price over your selection. An ok sign up offer and while the lack of ‘best odds guaranteed’ is disappointing, in reality, the amount of times I benefit from this offer over a year can be counted less than half a hand! It’s understandable given their sometimes stand out prices on some favourites. 3 and a half stars for me at the moment with the option to take this to ZERO if and when account restrictions kick in

2 out of 2 people found this review helpful

Useful Addition to the Punters Portfolio

by adamross, Liverpool, 27 January 2014

I have recently opened an account with 888Sport via OLBG. I find it a very useful account to have. The markets are displayed clearly and I found the screen layout intuitive and easy to follow. I liked the distinctive proprietary Orange and Black content and this facilitated navigation between screens. I also liked the easy to use method of highlighting bets. There are a range of sports events and fixtures covered. The markets covered within the events are also comprehensive. I found the "Extra's" section to be useful with the references to statistics, calendars and live results available - but kept away from cluttering the main screen. The initial promotion available is tempting and should persuade new account holders to stay with 888Sport for a number of bets, thus ensuring they have the opportunity to decide whether the account is right for them. The odds that are offered, whilst not always market leading, do compare favourably with most of the big Bookmakers. As regards football, I have not yet seen a definite pattern, sometimes the favourites are top price, other times the outsiders, so I suggest that all fixtures are worth a look to compare. There are also a number of regular promotional opportunities. The one that appeals to me most is the 88th minute special in Football where if a goal is scored in or after the 88th minute that makes your bet a losing one, then a free bet up to the value of £50 is awarded. All in all, I would recommend OLBG Users who haven't yet taken the plunge with 888Sport to do so.

1 out of 1 people found this review helpful

Gr888t betting with 888!

by LustForLeith, Edinburgh, 22 January 2014

888 seemed to be one of those gambling websites that I was aware of but for whatever reason hadn't actually bet with. With their seemingly generous opening offers I thought it was time to change it so I opened an account with them. A bizarre thing happened that had never happened to me before but more on that later! My first impressions were positive. The website has a nice big and bold display and one of the first things they promote is the fact that it's safe and secure. The last thing you want when your gambling is the threat of losing more money if your account is hacked so it's reassuring that they've got it covered. There were some live betting options avilable such as a under 21 game which I thought was quite good. I had a look about other markets and while they didn't have a lot on special novelty bets that I love they seemed to have all the major sporting events covered. I knew what I wanted to bet on so I got myself registered which was thankfully simple and then picked six teams for an accumulator. I wanted to spend £10 that would trigger a free bet if my selections were unsuccessful that's a nap! and here's where I encountered my strange problem. They wouldn't take my money! That's right, it seemed I had found a bookmaker who didn't want my money! I was clicking on links to deposit funds and it was coming up with an error page saying it was unavailable. Fair enough I thought, I'll try again later. A coffee later and the various links still didn't work. I was determined to place my bet and found a 'Cashier' option where I was eventually able to put my bet on. Phew! I was thinking that perhaps it was a dead link, or one that wouldn't work on a portable device like the kind I was using. But I got there! As I put my bet on I had a bit of a play around with the site and I was impressed with what I discovered. There's not an overload of information. Basically what your presents with is what you need, there's no unnecessary icons or things to distract you. It's all quite simple. Another thing that won me over was the fact that the fields for typing and selecting bets were big unlike some betting websites where you need a magnifying class to see and a pair of tweezers to read a bet then put it on. Initially I did find it a little tricky to manoeuvre around the screen. When in the There were screens that when I clicked back it took me to the log in screen again and I had to start again. I didn't realise I needed to click on the home icon but I soon learned. Once I got going I was quite impressed. And I waited patiently for my coupon to come in. When it didn't I expected a matched £10 bet nut it wasn't showing so I emailed them on Sunday. At first I got a automated response saying that someone would reply within 36 hours and offering me a selection on links that might answer my questions. Then I got an email only a few hours later giving me a £5 free bet and another explaining why I had received this. I hadn't read the small print. Because my accumulator bet contained odds that were odds on, I wasn't entitled to a free bet. But because of the misunderstanding they gave me a free £5 bet, explained when the free £10 bet would come into play and signed me up for The Acca Club! I was particularly impressed with this level of customer service. They came back to me quicker than expected, they explained everything clearly, they gave me a free bet and they also signed me up for something which in all honesty will probably end up costing me money. But they at least cared to take the time to do so. 888 isn't perfect. The dead links put me off as did the navigation. But if they get rid of the dead links so I can invest money and if I get the hang of getting my way around their website then I don't see any reason why I won't be using them more often. They claim to be safe, everything is there in front of you in black and orange and in my opinion the have what I believe to be the quickest and most responsive customer service in online gambling. So far it's gr888t betting with 888!

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